‘The Sopranos’: Annabella Sciorra Didn’t Plan for Gloria Trillo to Spit in Tony Soprano’s Face

In most cases, the director and members kept the cast to the script when shooting events of The Sopranos. If you wanted to change the conversation line, that would require approval from the top. Tony Sirico (Paulie Walnuts) had to get that when he didn’t want a character referring to Paulie as a “bully.” ”

But actors had a little more opportunity when it came to what they did. John Ventimiglia (Artie Bucco) recalled one such example, when James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) introduced Artie with Tony. It worked so well that no one objected.

Annabella Sciorra, who played Gloria Trillo, Tony ‘s mistress in season 3, also remembered adding something amazing during one of the battles on screen with Tony. It came when they last met, when Gloria peeked Tony’s face. That great development had not appeared in the script.

Annabella Sciorra hadn’t planned to spat Gloria Trillo in Tony Soprano’s face on ‘The Sopranos’

Annabella Sciorra and James Gandolfini on the set of 'Sopranos

When Gloria slips into Tony’s face in “Amour Fou” (season 3 episode 12), she’s already pushing the envelope with the mob warden several times. In the previous incident, Gloria sent Tony’s wife, Carmela (Edie Falco) home from the Mercedes mall where Gloria worked.

That breach of protocol upset Tony, and let Gloria know in an uncertain situation that their relationship was over. But Gloria wouldn’t let him, and Tony came to her house shortly afterwards for more. Tony says again that it’s over, but Gloria won’t accept it.

She tells Tony that he can’t treat her like that (as a “goombah housewife”). Tony blows over that, attacking Gloria all over her face. But Tony explodes loudly when Gloria threatens to call Carmela, or tell her daughter at her college. At that point, Gloria wants Tony to be hurt.

As Tony picks her on the ground, he threatens to kill her – and Gloria inspires him to do so. “I killed,” she says, gasping. Then she smirks at his face. Skirr said she did not intend to do so. Although it was something she thought about, it happened instantly.

Skirr remembered how amazing James Gandolfini and director Tin Van Patten were with sculpting

Annabella Sciorra at the premiere of 'Sopranos'
Annabella Sciorra | Kevin Mazur / WireImage

on the Sopranos talking A podcast, Skirr, recalled how amazing Gandolfini and “Amour Fou” director Tim Van Patten were at the split. “I knew what Gloria wanted at the time, and I knew why she was making fun of her like that,” said Sciorra. “It kept going. ”

Skirr saw it as an extension of Gloria’s request to kill Tony. But no one saw him coming. “[Gandolfini] got that [animated] … And then they cut, ”remembered Skirr. “[Van Patten] he came over and laughed, and [Gandolfini] it was like, ‘Did you just spit on me ?!’ Sciorra apologized and acknowledged that he had.

Even on the set, Skirr was not prepared to do so. “It wasn’t something I was planning outdoors,” she said. “I think I wrote it out. ‘What would I do to get this thing [Gloria] want to? ‘But once you write something down and say something, it’ s just there. ”

In fact, it became part of the scene at that point. And that meant firing the slit from different angles. “We had to cover it from the other side, so I had to shower it again,” said Skirr with a smile.

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