‘The Sopranos’: Aida Turturro Recalled How Nancy Marchand Put Her at Ease for a Janice-Livia Scene

Among the murderers, rapists, and serial heretics you would see on any particular program of The Sopranos, there were some really scary characters – I’m talking about the women of the Soprano family. Over the course of the show, Janice (Aida Turturro) and Livia (Nancy Marchand) did as much damage as the gangsters.

Maybe we’ll start with Janice as well. Fresh off from leaving her son Harpo Hal, Janice continued to shake hands with the famous Richie Aprile (David Proval) before ending his life at the dinner table. In season 3, she sank even lower when she stole the prosthetic leg of Livia ‘s home support.

The apple did not fall far from the tree. Livia, of course, convinced her Junior brother-in-law (Dominic Chianese) to kill her own son Tony (James Gandolfini) in season 1. That didn’t work, and Tony almost returned the favor by being using a hospital bed pillow.

When Turturro reached the set for season 2, she found herself working frequently opposite Gandolfini and Marchand, the latter of whom she regarded as a consummate professional. But it didn’t take long for Marchand to make Turturro feel comfortable at work.

Aida Turturro played a sad scene with Nancy Marchand early in Season 2 ‘The Sopranos’

Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano
Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano in ‘The Sopranos’ | HBO

When Janice Soprano returns to New Jersey from the West Coast, she joins Parvati and aims to get her share of what Livia has left. But it won’t be long until Livia reminds her why she left Garden State in the first place.

Prior to season 2 of program 2 (“Do not Resuscitate”), Janice receives the full narcissist-themed treatment from Livia. After telling a nurse that she is going to leave her money, Livia tells Janice that she needs to find the money, noting that he is stuck somewhere.

Janice, who is already sick of Livia games, starts looking over her shoulder at a hospital sign. It states “IN RURAL ISSUE, USE OF STAIRS.” The image of a person walking down the stairs serves as the view of the sign.

As Janice looks at the sign, she draws Livia’s head on the body of a wooden figure. However, instead of walking downstairs, Janice ‘s view of Livia falls down the stairs first. It’s a weird snippet, and Turturro didn’t find that in the script. She was thankful that Marchand didn’t, either.

Turturro liked to hear Marchand say she had no idea about the ‘Do not Resuscitate’ scene

Sopranos Women
Aida Turturro, Lorraine Bracco, Edie Falco, and Drea de Matteo of ‘The Sopranos’ stand together in 2001. | Frank Micelotta / ImageDirect.

on the Sopranos talking podcast, Turturro explained how he was thrown off by Janice ‘s view. “It was a strange, Hitchcock-y-type scene,” she said. “I’m reading it and I think, oh my God, I don’t understand this. But who am I to say – this is my second program. I’m shutting my mouth. ”

But Turturro found relief while running alongside Marchand. “Nancy – thank God she will, [imitating Marchand’s voice] ‘I don’t understand this! ‘ [Turturro makes praying gesture.] Thank you, Nancy. I was like, okay. I don’t feel so bad. ”

As the Sopranos talking co-guests laughed at Marchand’s memory, Turturro kept going. “It was the way it was [in Marchand’s voice], ‘What is this f * ck? I don’t understand this sh * t. ‘I was like,’ Me either! Thank God. ‘It was amazing,’ said Turturro. ‘

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