‘The Simpsons’: Homer’s Theory of a Doughnut-Shaped Universe Has Merit, Per Cosmologists

The popular animated series The Simpsons it is known for its long-term success, the many celebrities who have made guests, and the strange way in which the show seems to predict the future at times. But something unrelated is complex scientific theories. However, according to some cosmologists, Homer Simpson may have hit on one theory that makes sense.

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson | Kevin Winter / Getty Images

‘The Simpsons’ has been running this year

The Simpsons debuted his first program on December 17, 1989. The show, which now features the yellow-skinned characters, came to life as full of animated shorts on Tracey Ullman exhibition in 1987.

When the series moved to its own half-hour period, people had no idea how popular it would be. In fact, when Dustin Hoffman introduced Lisa’s substitute teacher in the second season, he wasn’t sure he wanted a cartoon-related name. Instead, his role was listed as “Sam Etic” played in the closing credits.

That excuse to be known as a guest star The Simpsons they did not last as long when the series became very popular. Over his 32 seasons, celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Cruise, and The Prince have made their way to the streets of Springfield. But despite the lights that have appeared The Simpsons, Homer is still a bigger part of the show than they all put together.

Homer Simpson and his donuts

Homer, the patriarch of the Simpson family, does not like many foods, including potato chips, pizza, cheeses, fries, and of course Duff beer to wash down. But donuts are his favorite thing to eat.

Homer’s love for donuts runs so deep that in one episode he is sent to Hell to be fed by an angry demonic force. Unfortunately for the devil, Homer has little to worry about. And eternity in hell doesn’t feel so bad for him, as long as there are donuts.

Homer has sold a soul for one last bite of a donut, inserted donuts into his veins, and even rejected another star where he was rich and happy because he thought there were no donuts. But among the many events he focused on a donut, the most likely outsider was a conversation with world-renowned theoretical physics.

Stephen Hawking and the donut-shaped universe

Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist. Before his death in 2018, he influenced the world not only with his intelligence but also with his unexpected good humor. One example of that was when he appeared on it The Simpsons during season 10.

Hawking arrived in Springfield to put things right after Mensa members took over the town. At the end of the episode, after Hawking stopped the rioting and rioting, Homer invited him to have a beer at his favorite bar. When they drank the beer, Hawking told Homer that his theory of a universe in the shape of a donut was “interesting” and could even steal the idea.

Is it possible that Homer was right about the shape of the universe? According to the journal Science Nature, “Cosmologists have proposed a number of ’round-the-clock’ shapes for the Earth: it may look like a football or even a strange ‘donut’. In each case, it seems that the Universe was infinite, because you would never reach it physically – if you traveled far enough in any direction you would be back where you started, just as if you would be round the globe. ”

However, other cosmologists have rejected this idea, saying that a shape like a donut would create certain patterns in the sky that they did not find. Still, a donut-shaped universe is still possible in the eyes of experts. Now humanity must hope that Homer will not eat it.

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