‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Was Once Physically Unable to Cook: ‘I Was Miserable’

Mrs. Pioneer star Ree Drummond is known for her delicious recipes. Loyal fans watch her every week on the Food Network to see her latest creation. Disaster Country Girl likes to cook home cooked food, but there was a time when she couldn’t cook.

Ree Drummond had a hard time making a difference to life on the Drummond field

Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond |  Tyler Essary / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Drummond says she loves her husband, Ladd, but didn’t love ranch life in the first place. In her book Black heels to tractor wheels, she says it took her a long time to master everything that comes with living in the country. She couldn’t walk to a local store for household basics or go to a flexible restaurant for sushi.

My courtship with Marlboro Man, full of ridiculous romance, had not prepared me for this at all; not the mice I heard scratching in the wall next to my bed, not the flat tires I got from driving my car up and down the rough gravel roads. Before I got married, I didn’t know how to use a jack or crowbar… and I didn’t want to learn anymore.

I didn’t want to find out that the smell in the laundry room was a dead rodent. I’ve never melted a dead rodent in my life: why, when I was supposed to be a young, euphoric teenager, did I make me smell now? During the day, I was cranky. At night, I was a liar. I hadn’t slept through the night once since we returned from honeymoon.

Ree Drummond, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels

Ree Drummond was once physically capable of cooking

Drummond says she was thrilled with her new life. She also had to deal with illness. After Drummond became pregnant with her first child (just a week after the wedding), she became seriously ill in the morning. As a result, she could not cook.

“I was miserable,” Drummond wrote. “I wanted to be a young, energetic woman, full of energy and vitality. Instead, I was olive green, plastered to my bed, and couldn’t lift my head from the pillow without rocking a handful of sugar grains. Every time Marlboro Man would go into our bedroom to look at me, he would step on an Apple Jack. ”

Smells bothered Drummond during her pregnancy, so cooking food was not out of the question. She says it would smell special to put out. Just about any smell would put her off.

“The smell of the air pushed myself into dry sheaves, even with a lemon wedge tucked under my nose,” Drummond continued. “I couldn’t cook. Everything – from apples to bread, not to mention animal meat in any form – would make me cry and peel. I would drive 25 minutes to town just to pick up pizza, I stopped halfway home and put it in the stock because the smell was so overbearing. ”

Ladd Drummond tried to help as much as he could

Ladd Drummond (right) with guests  Monica Schipper / Getty Images for Pioneer Woman Magazine
Ladd Drummond (right) with guests Monica Schipper / Getty Images for Pioneer Woman Magazine

Drummond says Ladd tried to offer moral support. Although she valued his kind words, she felt that he did not fully understand her plight.

“All the while, Marlboro Man tried his best to sympathize with me, his new wife with hormone poisoning,” Drummond wrote. “But there was no way he could understand it. ‘Maybe if you just hop up and jump in the shower,’ he would say, stroking my back, ‘you’ll feel better.’ He did not understand. “There is no hopping,” I would like. “There is no jump!”

Drummond says she had a desire for her old life. “I was in a new place, in a new world… and suddenly my life was completely unknown,” she wrote. “I didn’t want to get pregnant. If I had gone ahead and moved to Chicago, I wouldn’t. I would be away from my parents’ separation and nowhere near fertile hormones and maybe wearing a slim black turtleneck and eating Italian food with friends. ”

Fortunately, Drummond transitioned to life on the ranch. Now, her fans can watch her on television, read her cookbooks, and keep reading about her daily events on social media.

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