‘The Office’: Why Dwight’s Paternity Test for Philip Schrute Came Back Negative

Ged The Office on officially leaving Netflix, that didn’t stop it from becoming popular. Comprising nine seasons and 201 programs, the show continues to capture an audience years after it ended. because of The Office it is so popular, fans are constantly analyzing the show, detecting pests, and raising new questions. One question that fans always seem to have about Dwight and Angela ‘s son, Philip Schrute.

Office threw Rhymes Wilson as Dwight and Angela Kinsey as Angela
Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey Mitchell Haaseth / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Jim and Pam are undoubtedly the two most popular The Office, many fans love Dwight and Angela ‘s love story as well. However, fans often have questions about the couple’s son, Philip. Fans in the “Free Family Portrait Studio” show, Dwight, will remember believing that he was the real father of Angela’s son, stealing a diaper out of the trash and undergoing a DNA test on it. Angela, however, claims that Philip is the son-in-law of Robert Lipton, and the DNA test reveals that Dwight is not Philip’s father.

Why Dwight’s paternal test for his son, Philip, came back negative

Of course, in the semi-final program of The Office, “AARM”, Dwight and fans learn that Philip is actually Dwight’s biological son. But how can the negative imitation test be interpreted? In an interview with 2013 with Tally office, David Rogers (who directed and edited the semi – final program) revealed why Dwight ‘s paternity test was negative. According to Rogers, Dwight never caught a diaper belonging to Phillip.

“We even had a line when Dwight brings Angela into his office to tell her that he thinks Phillip is Schrute – he says, ‘It’s about Phillip. How do I put this … I still think there was a bit of a mix, or you brought the wrong diaper to the lab, or a lot of people can have the same DNA … ‘And Angela added too a bit of a suggestion, about Dwight possibly grabbing the wrong diaper after she told Dwight that Phillip was his son, ”Rogers said.

While we would have loved to have seen Rainn Wilson (played by Dwight) deliver the line about people with the same DNA, we can see why he was dragged. But at least fans of The Office the secrets of the diaper DNA are no longer hanging over them.

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