‘The Office’: Why Angela Kinsey Said Kissing Rainn Wilson Was ‘Disgusting’

The Office stars Angela Kinsey and Rainn Wilson had several kissing scenes during the series as Angela and Dwight ran, but Kinsey revealed that it was not always pleasant. During a program of the Office ladies podcast, Kinsey said it was sometimes awful and “embarrassing.”

Wilson's Poems as Dwight Schrute and Angela Kinsey as Angela Martin's 'The Office'
Wilson and Angela Kinsey on ‘The Office’ Mitchell Haaseth / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

The kiss scenes of ‘Office’ were always strange

Through the Dec. 6 program Office ladies The podcast, Kinsey and co-host Jenna Fischer decided to answer some fan questions before considering the “Dunder Mifflin Infinity” program.

One fan wanted a little scoop behind the scenes on kiss scenes on show and Kinsey and Fischer got to experience what they experienced.

Kinsey read the fan question: “I have a question about kissing the other actors. How do you prepare to give a kiss to someone with whom you were friends but were not romantically engaged? Was it ever terrible? ”

Kinsey admitted, “It’s always weird,” but explained how the friendships on display helped reduce some of what could be very uncomfortable. “Thank you over the years, though, you’re good friends it’s just like, okay, we’ll do this quickly.”

Why Angela Kinsey said kissing Rainn Wilson was sometimes ’embarrassing’

Kinsey also said that her co-star would often make the kissing experience a little more appealing at times.

“But what made me sad, you might not think, was that I had to kiss Rainn Wilson often and for whatever reason, he usually ate something embarrassing beforehand,” he explained. Kinsey. “And I would be like, ‘Rainn, dang it. Do you have to eat a tuna fish sandwich before we can kiss? Let’s go!'”

Fischer confirmed how Kinsey arrested Wilson. “Yeah, I remember it would always be like sipping a cup of coffee and a bagel of everything,” she said. “And it would be like, ‘I’m ready for my kiss’ and you would be like,’ Rhyme! Mionach. Can you do something? ‘”

Fischer’s experience was slightly different as she had a more sensitive visual companion. “Well, at least for me, John [Krasinski] she was always very conscientious, ”she explained. “He would have mint or gum.”

“We were very sensitive to breathing,” said Fischer.

Kinsey was jealous of that feeling, saying, “Verses… Verses not so much.”

She also confirmed that the kiss scenes were not at all as good as the make-up sessions you see in the films. “We didn’t do the big open stuff that you might see in movies and what’s wrong,” Kinsey explained. “It was like television, a kiss of comedy is very different from what an amazing film makes out. You know, it’s that your lips kind of just come together. You are so deceived. ”

‘The Office’ used this trick for Dwight and Angela scenes

During the October 7 program of Office ladies, Kinsey and Fischer discuss the program where Jim Dwight and Angela are seen kissing. Fischer noticed that when Dwight goes to the accountant’s workplace, he sits at her desk.

This movement was very purposeful because of their height difference. “Dwight and Angela have almost every sight together, it’s seated,” Kinsey said.

In another podcast program, Kinsey said the show used other methods as well, such as having Kinsey with high heels or standing on an apple box. “I was standing on a box all the time, ”she said.

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