‘The Office’: This Stunt Got Push Back From Fans for Being Unrealistic

Great thing about it The Office and that it captured the unusual parts of a work culture for many people. But there were times when fans called the show and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) for being impractical. It was one of those moments when the actors pulled a big stunt off.

Dwight and Michael moved into a lake on ‘The Office’

There were a few tricks in removing the stunt. The car did not enter a lake. Instead, he was put on a system that pulled him into the lake and stopped him at a point. The car also did not have an engine or gas tank. A cameraman sat in the back seat with a gift basket to capture the stunt.

Wilson said the water was not clean so he was worried about getting something like an eye infection. But the actor said it was “fun to shoot. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with the view.

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