‘The Office’: This Is ‘the Only Thing That Helped’ the Cast Cope With the Series Finale

Spanning nine seasons and 201 programs, The Office considered largely to have been the best TV comedies of all time. Thanks to Netflix, newcomers are discovering the show in a narrative style every day. In fact, it is very popular The Office today certainly shows how popular he was in the eight years he was while on the air. While the show was certainly unique to fans, it was even more unique to the cast.

The Office sent members Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski
Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski Chris Haston / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

With that The Office there was a great ensemble team, there were a ton of established personalities. While that may be a problem, a team did The Office in fact he got on famously. In fact, they are all still in communication today. The team have been particularly curious about how special and memorable the show was to them. Of course, some team members are currently visiting the show and their infamous characters through podcasts and even a potential spinoff show.

The ‘Office’ team was very tight

Because the team was so tight, it made it especially difficult for them to say goodbye to each other and the show. Although the actors, producers, writers and performers together decided that season nine was a natural stopover for him. The Office, it didn’t make the ending easier for them to make a film. In an interview with Everyday actor, director and actor John Krasinski (who plays Jim Halpert in the show) spoke about how difficult it was for the film crew to record the last program.

John Krasinski reflects on saying goodbye to the show at the end of the series

Krasinski concluded that there was really no way he could put into words what the team felt when The Office it officially ended. “It’s a life-changing event and there’s no way to explain it,” Krasinski admitted. “It’s not like finishing college. It’s like nothing, really. It’s a part of your life that you’ve defined, and it’s so amazing to leave it. ”

But just as the team managed to deal with the end The Office? According to Krasinski, the team understood that the opportunity to even record the final end of a series and complete the show on their own terms was special. “I think the one thing that has helped us all is that we are so proud of the work and so proud that we have been able to have a Final Series,” said Krasinski. “You know, I think so – you know that’s a very rare thing. ”

The Office ‘Legacy

The Office Alum said they knew he and his predators had done an amazing job and left a legacy as well helping them deal with the extra emotions. Assuming that the show is famous and popular today, we have to agree with Krasinski that the team did a fantastic job through the nine seasons of the show.

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