‘The Office’: The Show’s Highest-Rated Episodes Share 1 Distinction

Everyone’s favorite events are different. However, some stand out among the rest as those who have gained an almost universal reputation. That is the case for the US comedy The Office. And there is one element in two programs at the top show on IMDb that makes them memorable.

‘The Office’ is one of the most popular series ever

Steve Carell as Michael Scott in 'The Office'
Steve Carell as Michael Scott in ‘The Office’ Justin Lubin / NBCU Photo Bank

The Office first in 2005 on NBC. Inspired by the British show of the same name, the series featured the employees of a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. In the style of a film joke, it was later explained that a team was filming a documentary about them, which ended after nine years.

When The Office many started on the air, many thought he could not live up to his predecessor. But – in part, since he didn’t try to copy the original series – the U.S. series came as a surprise. When he finally finished his run in 2013, fans of the team and the sad characters saw him go, and have been seeing him again ever since.

‘Goodbye, Michael’ is the top show of the show

With a score of 9.8, The Office Season 7’s “Goodbye, Michael” is their favorite show in the series. Especially under direction Bridesmaids director Paul Feig, the program features Dunder Mifflin’s last day as manager. But, in the end, many of them do not know that his last day is there, because he intends to leave without a great blessing.

The show reveals how much Michael has changed since the beginning of the series, and how much those around him are. He also focuses on his special relationship with Jim and Pam. The old people take out Michael’s plan, and say goodbye to him, while the last one runs him down and says goodbye at the airport.

It is attached to the end of the series

The only other man The Office The final two-part series, entitled “Finale,” is a program with 9.8 on IMDb. It jumps one year into the future, when Dunder Mifflin’s employees come together for Dwight and Angela’s wedding. The film crew returns (apparently to film on DVD bonus content), as does another special guest.

The final series circulates everyone’s news stories. Dwight and Angela find their happiness happily afterwards, Ryan and Kelly run to sunset (albeit without his child), and everyone else fulfills their own personal and professional dreams. . Jim and Pam leave Dunder Mifflin so he can run his company, Athleap, in Texas.

There is something common at times

When it was time to say goodbye to Carell’s famous character, viewers couldn’t believe this was his last time on screen. After all, the series was designed around Michael. However, the actor was ready to move on to other things, so “Goodbye, Michael” was supposed to be his last. The Office crops.

However, there were rumors that Carell would return to play Michael in the final. However, the actor denied that. In the end, both Carell and his character surprised everyone by attending Dwight’s wedding to become the best man. This makes Carell’s “Finale” true the last program of The Office.

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