‘The Office’: Most Fans Want to Watch These 2 Episodes on New Year’s Eve

Fans of The Office often turning to the holiday comedy series for entertainment. Many look for the events that feature the prestigious Dunder Mifflin office parties at Christmas, but on New Year’s Eve, The Office fans want something different. These are the two most common streaming programs Office fans watch New Year’s Eve.

Ed Helms as Andy Bernard and Steve Carell as Michael Scott
Ed Helms and Steve Carell Trae Patton / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

The ‘Office’ is very popular at Christmas and New Year

The NBC comedy is popular with many, but that’s especially true around the holidays. At Christmas, fans want to watch the biggest episode of the season 2 “Christmas Party” – the program where Jim (John Krasinski) fights until Pam (Jenna Fischer) gets the teapot full of “bonus gifts.”

There are several Christmas themed programs The Office for fans to watch, but not so many New Year’s documentary events. There are two fan-favorite programs to watch as they scream in the new year, though.

Holly Flax ultimatum will be enjoyed by many fans on New Year’s Eve

Ultimatum is a program that takes place after the New Year holidays. It makes sense, therefore, that fans would turn to the season 7 program on New Year’s Eve.

USDish reports 8.26 million fans streaming this program of The Office to cry in the new year. In the program, Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is excited about returning to work because he finally knows if his girlfriend Holly Flax (Amy Ryan) AJ (Rob Huebel) has met the demands of his ultimatum.

In one of the cold openings, Michael plunges into the David Brent fiction outside an elevator bank. When Michael notices David’s accent, he wants to run a British character on whom he works from English descent. And when David jokes “That’s what she said”, Michael accepts it.

Unfortunately, the program only features Gervais for a few minutes. The program itself is about the business seminar that Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) is hosting to gain more clients. But according to USDish, this program is of The Office New Year’s Eve has 7.93 million viewers.

USDish data is based on information from IMDb. Both programs of The Office the entertainment database received over 1,500 votes and a rating of 7.5 or higher when the keyword “New Year’s Eve” was used.

The Office fans only have a short time to broadcast the series on Netflix. After New Year’s Eve, they have to turn to Peacock for a catalog of Office episodes.

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