‘The Office’ Fans Are Making This Creed Bratton Joke Since the Show’s Move To Peacock

On January 1, 2021, The Office left Netflix. This move was at the end of a century for many fans, who would often overtake the NBC comedy series as a means of comfort. Although Peacock already has several million subscribers, it has some fans The Office refusing to make the turn. Said fans use the Bratton Creed comic line to make fun of their rebellion against Peacock.

Bratton Creed as Bratton Creed
Creed Bratton | Justin Lubin / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

Fans can no longer turn to Netflix to stream ‘The Office’

At the beginning of the new year, The Office fans would have to remove their DVD collection or subscribe to the NBC Peacock streaming platform to enjoy rerunning their favorite events.

This move was a long time coming for fans, who found out about it The Office leaving Netflix in June of 2019.

“We are sorry that NBC has made a decision The Office back for its own streaming platform, ”Netflix tweet. “But members can watch the show to their hearts content without a hat on Netflix until January 2021.”

Only Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus have all ‘Office’ programs

Now, fans can find it The Office on Peacock. The NBC platform offers three levels for subscribers: Peacock, Peacock Premium, and Peacock Premium Plus. Just the first two seasons of The Office included with the free Peacock subscription.

“I like this scene because Creed is telling the truth, but Jim had no idea that this happened and he just despises it as Creed being Creed,” fan said in the thread.

Despite joking about their lack of support for Peacock, some fans mean so.

Some fans share other ways to stream ‘The Office’ outside Peacock

Many fans of the show are unhappy about the move to Peacock.

“Peacock is not real,” said a fan he said in the Creed thread.

Some fans suggest avoiding the need to pay for another streaming service and investing in physical copies of the show.

“Honestly, if your main incentive is to sign up for another $ 10 / month streaming subscription (if you want free) be able to watch The Office whenever you want, just buy the seasons, ”one said a fan pointed out.

Still, others advised streaming The Office from a Japanese, Canadian or UK Netflix account. Reportedly, Netflix accounts in other countries have rights every season.

Despite the separation, the love fans feel for The Office strong, no matter how they wear the set.

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