‘The Office’ Creator Greg Daniels Made This Rule to Keep the Show as Hilarious as Possible

Circulating 201 programs and nine seasons, The Office is easily regarded as one of the best comedy TV shows ever. Thanks to actors with an improv background and stunning writing, the show brings out a ton of side-splitting moments. Whether you like dry, witty, humorous or slapstick comedy, there seem to be a number of shows of the show that will make you laugh.

The Office threw improv
Office Toss | by Mitchell Haaseth / NBCU / NBCUniversal Photo Bank via Getty Images

because of The Office managing to be both factual and absurd, many viewers question whether the show is written or an improv product. However, the show’s superfans know that comedy is a hit for both. Most of what viewers watch is completely written and was the result of some amazing writers, many of whom doubled as actors on display. However, the team also had the opportunity to make up for at least one scene of each scene.

‘The Office’ is scripted but the team looked at some interesting moments

Of course, there are truly memorable moments The Office that is completely unprepared. For example, the infamous kiss between Michael and Oscar in the first episode of Season 3, “Gay Witch Hunt”, was completely done. Imagine the surprise of Oscar Nunez (who played Oscar) when he realized that Steve Carell (played Michael) was going in for a real kiss.

Clearly, Daniels rule was quite possible. Thanks to the collaboration between the writers and the actors, The Office still as funny gold. We certainly believe that other TV comedies could benefit from adopting a similar rule.

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