‘The O.C.’ Star Mischa Barton Sued Her Mom For Being a ‘Greedy Stage Mother’

Abusive relationships between children’s Hollywood stars and their parents are commonplace, and Mischa Barton is the most famous man locked in a blood feud with her mother. Barton had sued her mother, Naula Barton, for allegedly stealing money and exploiting her reputation for commercial reasons.

Barton’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten, described Naula as ‘the mother of a greedy platform.’ In the lawsuit, the actor is seeking $ 25 million in damages for undisclosed damages.

Mischa Barton Paul Archuleta / Getty Pictures

Barton gained a reputation as a child

In 1994, when Barton was only eight years old, she appeared in a Tony Kushner play, Slavs! The post marked the beginning of her acting career, which made her worthy of other shows. Later, the actor had a screen discussion of the All my children soap opera. Barton has appeared in other major films such as Notting Hill, Lawn Dogs, The sixth feeling, and The Mountains. Throughout her career, her mother, Naula, has worked as her talent manager.

Her role in ‘The OC’

When Barton was 17, she started working as Marissa Cooper on The OC. However, she dropped out of the show after the 3rd season, after her character was killed. Barton said in an interview with InStyle that she would like her character as Cooper back The OC

Barton struggled to get costume acting gigs and started using materials after leaving the Fox drama film, The OC In 2007, she was arrested for DUI, and the judge sentenced her to three years of alcohol treatment and probation. In 2009, Barton was taken from her residence by police and taken to hospital for two weeks, as reported TMZ.

Barton calls her mother ‘Greedy Stage Mother’

According to Barton’s lawyer, Naula took over the role of talent actor of the actor, of which Naula had no knowledge or experience. The position placed Naula in an excellent position for Barton’s siphon finances and to use her name for fraudulent deals.

Barton claims Naula kept his compensation from the acting gigs in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit. Naula hid the compensation from the horror film, The Hoarder and I pocketed some of the money, according to the Los Angeles Times. Barton further claims, her mother threw her out of the $ 7.8 million home in Beverly Hills, according to a statement she bought with the actor’s money.

Other allegations about the lawsuit include Naula exploiting Barton ‘s reputation for launching businesses. Naula launched a handbag line in Barton’s name without speaking or retaliating for the actor.

Barton dismissed the case against her mother

Nuala defended herself and said the allegations made against her were defamatory and lacked relevant facts. The actor’s mother asked to weld the lawsuit. On February 8, 2016, Barton asked the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the charges against her mother. In the dismissal request, the actor asked the judge for all grounds of action to dismiss the case.

However, Barton dismissed the case without prejudice, authorizing her to renew the case in the future. The actress is not new to controversies, and her party and personal life have been making headlines over the past two years.

In 2017, the actor was involved in a difficult court battle with his girlfriends, Adam Spaw and Jon Zacharias. According to a Post Huffington, Zacharias recorded pornographic images and videos of the actor and threatened to release them. Barton won the court case when the court stopped the ex-boyfriend from selling the sex tapes. Her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, said the porn revenge lawsuit ended successfully.

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