‘The O.C.’ Cast 1 of the Cohen Parents First To ‘Send a Very Clear Message’ To Viewers

As much as The OC based on teenagers there were also stories about the adults. To drive home the point of the TV series it wasn’t just about teenagers, it was program creator Josh Schwartz who first hired Sandy Cohen.

The crew of 'The OC' at a watch party in 2003
The cast of The OC at the 2003 show party Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Josh Schwartz considered Jeff Goldblum for the part of Sandy Cohen

During an interview with HuffPost., Schwartz first revealed who he had in mind for the role of Jewish father Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) who despised Orange County, California.

“In my head, when we started talking about throwing, I was like, ‘You know who could play Sandy as Jeff Goldblum? ‘And everyone was like,’ That’s too Jewish, ” he said.

When Schwartz started writing The OC the Cohens was not the Cohens. They were a Needleman family “so they were even more Jewish,” he said.

It was Schwartz’s own college experience that inspired the show.

“As a Jewish child from the East Coast to [the University of Southern California] Orange Orange County / Newport Beach was a whole new world and I didn’t really go into that world, but I saw what was attractive about it, ”he said. .

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