‘The Mandalorian’: Why Do Dark Troopers Look Like Iron Man?

One of the most popular shows of the Star Wars franchise Am Mandalorian. The show has seen its favorite characters return. One of them was Boba Fett, who is looking for his father’s arms. One development in the series is that Grogu is taken.

Dark soldiers reach the scene to cause conflict. A number of viewers feel like they look like Iron Man from the MCU franchise. However, the show ‘s creators did not use it as inspiration for their Dark Troopers.

Dark soldiers appear in ‘The Mandalorian’

Dark soldiers have been around since the 90s and first appeared inside Star Wars video games. In the fourth program of season two of Am Mandalorian, the show showed that they were able to show up. Some fans wondered if Moff Gideon was creating a version of Dark Troopers.

As it turned out, Dark Troopers arrived a couple of programs later. according to Rant Screen, Moff Gideon sends them out to kidnap Grogu’s baby. Meanwhile, Mando, Boba Fett, and Fennec Shand fight off some Stormtroopers. The Dark Troopers are successful in capturing the baby.

Unfortunately, the Dark Troopers only appear in the program for a short time. Little is known about their capabilities. Their armor looks similar to the DT-series style of Sentry Droids from the animated display Rebels. These types of Dark Troopers come with jetpacks, which they use to get to Grogu.

So far, their only reason is to separate Mando from the baby. More about them may appear in later titles Am Mandalorian.

Some fans think Dark Troopers looks like Iron Man

DAVE FILONI, JON FAVREAU | Walt Disney Company / LA Image Group through Getty Images

One of the takeaways from this program is the similarities between the design of Dark Trooper and the character of Marvel. A few fans have made some comparisons to Iron Man. It’s easy to see why since they look like metal men.

In the movies, Stan Winston set up an Iron suit designed from the comics. However, it changed to look fresher and futuristic. The design has changed slightly throughout the MCU license. However, it is something that many fans will recognize.

Since the appearance of the superhero is common in the minds of many people, they are quick to draw up comparisons. GamesRadar + indicating that the Dark Troopers are nimble, strong, and seem to have a lot of firepower. Not to mention, they go up through the air with jets on their feet as Iron Man does.

Some fans may think they are an evil version of Iron Man. The Dark Troopers are in the short program, but viewers have to wait to see what else they have.

Dark Troopers debuted in Star Wars game

With a few similarities, viewers may be wondering if Dark Troopers is a nod to Iron Man. While it may sound like it, their switches are not modeled after the MCU character. Eurogamer explaining that the input type Am Mandalorian get based on those from the game.

As previously mentioned, the Dark Troopers first appeared in the 1995 game Star Wars: Dark Forces. The first installment of the Dark forces saga, which was the longest running series of games in the Star Wars franchise. The game is a first-person shooter, and the player works to find the Empire’s Dark Trooper project.

There are three levels of Dark Troopers. In the first stage it is only a prototype, and in the second stage the switches are more fixed. The latter is a large exoskeleton.

Phase II has been used more frequently, and the design is similar to that in Am Mandalorian. Second-tier soldiers have jump packs, and the jetpacks from the show appear to be a modified version.

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