‘The Mandalorian’ Is Making Some Fans ‘Uncomfortable’ in a Good Way

For generations now, Star Wars has become a sort of comfort food for fans. Fans could count on the stories for healthy doses of nostalgia and fun. But Star Wars he has also disturbed his audience with morally challenging questions. One particular program of Am Mandalorian, “The Believer,” stood out like that, thanks to Bill Burr’s character.

Am Mandalorian
Am Mandalorian | Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

What happened in ‘The Believer’?

In the seventh episode of season 2 was Migs Mayfeld returning, the character played by Burr who first appeared in season 1. At the beginning of the episode, Mayfeld attends time at a work camp when which Cara Dune lists on a mission until the Mandalorian rescues the child from Moff Gideon. They need Mayfeld’s knowledge of Imperial codes to help them get information back.

Mayfeld and the Mandalorian take a vehicle away to get to their desired destination, and Mayfeld senses ordinary people on the planet and wonders how the empire is not so different from class. any other management. He told the Mandalorian: “You said you couldn’t take off your helmet, and now you have a Stormtrooper. So what’s the rule? Can’t you take off your Mando helmet or show your face? Because there is a difference. … Everyone gets the lines that they don’t cross until things get messy. ”

The strange thing about this is that Burr knew he was very popular Star Wars before being thrown in the show. Rant Screen he discovered that a fan had signed one of the anti-BurrStar Wars monologues over his Mayfeld conversation. Cast Burr was a potential minefield, given the dangers of toxic fandom. But some fans ate Burr’s character – even when it was raining.

What influence did fans have on ‘The Believer’?

Fans on Reddit he noted not only the discomfort but the fact that it is deserted. One wrote, “This is my favorite chapter of the series. Suddenly things came to a head, and I felt uncomfortable. I didn’t feel that way since Yoda and Mace Windu were overlooking the Republic Clone Army… right next to Palpatine. ”

Another fan even raised the idea of ​​comfort, saying, “His talk with Din about how people want freedom is not just a leader to follow, which is exactly how the First Order took over the galaxy there the few days. They took the lead that the people of the galaxy had been waiting for, sadly for dark reasoning but it was a comfort. He liked that. ”

Burr himself thought it would be a cause of discomfort because of his Star Wars rants. But presenter Jon Favreau did not see them as a problem, according to Screen Rant. It is supported by the Reddit forum.

Some say that ‘The Mandalorian’ eventually played it safe

Fans were thrilled with the end of the second season, in which the famous Jedi was returning. While some people predicted this move, other viewers criticized the latter for falling back on lazy nostalgia and taking away the best times in the world. -series.

Writer Matt Zoller Seitz wrote Vulture: “When a long-detonated Mayfeld guilt bomb exploded, Star Wars immediately becoming as morally educated and as clear-cut as [George] Lucas always wanted it to be. … (But) here comes the end of the two-season season, making Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown. Now Am Mandalorianhe, like Grogu, has the ability to go one way or the other: to take the side of the light or to go up in the dark. ”

For now, mostly Star Wars fans seemed to be happy with it Am Mandalorian, and have another series of nostalgia, Boba Fett’s book, in the works. Opportunities for happiness and disappointment abound.

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