‘The Mandalorian’: Does Pedro Pascal Do His Own Stunts?

Perhaps Pedro Pascal Am Mandalorianbig big star, but as fans will tell you, that doesn’t mean you see a lot of it. Because of his character, Din Djarin’s commitment to always wearing his weapons, Pascal’s role has been limited to verbal dialogue.

This has left many fans curious about the time Pascal even spends on the popular set. Star Wars series. Some suspicious rumors have even escalated to his displeasure with not showing his faces so much. Another question some might ask: when it ‘s ready at all, how often does Pascal perform his own tricks?

‘The Mandalorian’ and stunt work

Mandalorian time and the child
Pedro Pascal Lucasfilm / Disney +

Pascal’s next big role is almost the same as Din Djarin: a big, blustery, egotistical supervillain. In Wonder Woman 1984, he will play DC Comics classic villain Maxwell Lord, the film ‘s main villain alongside Kristen Wiig as Cheetah. Director Patty Jenkins has said the Lord is drawing inspiration from figures like Bernie Madoff and Donald Trump.

Pascal will stick to the realm of superheroes for the original Netflix, We can be heroes. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, the film follows the children of superheroes who take action when their parents are kidnapped by strangers. The film hits Netflix on Christmas Day.

He will also appear as a character named Javi in ​​the 2021 comedy, Unstable weight of Massive Genius. The film gained an online reputation for its premier premise, where Nicolas Cage is seen playing himself and engaging in the schemes of a dangerous drug king. The film aims to release in March 2021 in theaters.

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