‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’: Dr. Brenda On How Her Upbringing Prepped Her to Work With Dr. Pol

Any of The remarkable Professor PolThe most beloved staff – for the clinic team and Nat Geo Wild hit viewers – is Dr. Brenda Grettenberger.

The long-time employee of Pol Veterinary Services is popular with fans and she recently opened up about how she prepared up on a cattle farm for her position at Pol Veterinary Services.

Dr.  Dr. Jan Pol de 'The Incredible  Pol '
Dr. Dr. Jan Pol de ‘The Incredible Pol ‘| Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

How ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol ‘to be

Charles Pol, the son of Dr Pol and an active representative of the reality show, explained in a 2014 interview with National Geographic how The remarkable Professor Pol it came into being.

“At the time, I was working in Los Angeles at Nickelodeon,” Charles said, “and trying to sell ideas for reality shows. My first impression was rejected, and I was advised to come up with an idea with a character ‘bigger than life. ‘I immediately thought of my father. I forwarded the project to a production company, filmed a documentary, and my idea came to fruition. ”

Filming the series is no small feat. Dr. Paul and his staff are always on the move with farm calls and seeing messengers in the office. The camera crew has to be busy to keep up, as Charles explained.

“We’ve had a number of close calls with the crew,” he said, “but perhaps the most dangerous thing was when one member of the team was chased by a cow. We missed a movie of what happened, so he didn’t do the show himself, but it was awful. ”

Dr Brenda and Dr Pol are a great team

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The post-shows are the reality show called YouTube that was recently launched Recheck. A new program of Recheck air after each new program of the show. Recently re-presented, Paul Medical Services’ “second oldest veterinarian” appeared to examine and chat with Charles and Dr Paul.

Charles recently reminded her at the clinic when the other vets were away and she and Dr Pol had just left to care for incoming clients. in, just like “the old days,” as Charles put it.

“That’s right,” said Dr Brenda, “we’ve been working together for a number of years, sometimes with help and sometimes just the two of us.”

Dr Pol said, “Don’t forget, Dr Brenda was born and raised on a dairy farm, so she knows what’s going on. She can do everything herself. “

‘The cattle came first’

Dr. Brenda explained what it was like to grow up on a dairy farm and gave fans an idea of ​​how familiar and easy she was with cattle and their various issues.

“I don’t know how to grow up anywhere else,” she said. “We had a small family dairy, my people milked Holstein and Holstein crossed cattle for about 40 years. They have sold the cattle in the last few years.

“There was always work to be done, and always milking. Everything would turn around the cattle. So the cattle came first and then the rest of us, ”she said with a laugh.

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