‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’: How Do Dominic and Charlotte Wingrave Die?

Bly Manor Event tells the story of young Miles (Benjamin Evan Ainsworth) and Flora (Amelie Bea Smith) Wingrave, two sisters who lost their parents. The orphans are left in the care of a governor and the other caretakers in Bly. But fans have many questions about what happened to Miles and Flora ‘s father and mother, Dominic (Matthew Holn) and Charlotte (Alex Essoe) Wingrave. How the parents died in the Netflix series Bly Manor Event?

What is clear is that the Wingraves died while abroad. In “Jolly Corner,” Henry has to react again when he receives the call about his brother and sister-in-law. When he answered the call, all that was made known was that Dominic and Charlotte were in an accident and that their bodies could not be recovered.

Henry Thomas confirmed the ‘horrific crash’ that killed Charlotte and Dominic Wingrave in a plane crash

Some fans claimed that Dominic killed Charlotte for what she did, and then took his own life. Others thought a plane crash was more plausible, thinking they couldn’t provide the rest of the family. One fan on Reddit thought that the Wingraves may have been on Air India Flight 182, the flight that was bombed in 1985 by a terrorist group.

A fan who interacted with Thomas on social media gained more clarity on the issue. “They died in a plane crash,” Thomas said in an Instagram message (via Reddit).

Why aren’t Charlotte and Dominic Wingrave moving over the grounds of Bly Manor?

Just as the spirits dreamed there The American Horror Story, the souls of those who die because of Bly Manor are there. As Flora explained to Dani, she has been looking for her parents since their sad death but has only found the other spirits that travel Bly.

Since Charlotte and Dominic died from the building, their spirit is not limited to Bly Manor. Flora can only see her parents when she is “locked away” as a souvenir.

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