‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’: Henry Wingrave’s Alter Ego Explained

Henry Wingrave is one of the tortured souls on Netflix Bly Manor Event. Played by Henry Thomas (who fans saw as his inner father Hill House Event), Henry is struggling with alcohol and is saddened by the death of his brother and sister-in-law.

The Lord of England is also tormented by a sinister dopplegänger, but not the only kind of ghost locked in Bly Manor. In fact, the alter ego is not even seen at Bly. And although Bly Manor Event based on the story of Henry James 1898 Turn the screw, Henry ‘s personal demon is based on another short story about James’.

Henry Wingrave’s grief prevents him from returning to Bly Manor

It is not until the last program that Henry arrives to be filled with the torment of the alter ego. It comes just after fans learned that Henry is indeed the one who has been calling Bly Manor and hanging up once someone picked him up. When the phone is disconnected, this encourages Henry to drive hours to Bly to check on his family.

“I’m going to Bly,” Henry told his dopplegänger.

“That’s crazy,” replied the observer. “It’s a three-hour journey and you’ve been drinking, well, for two years, really. ”

See as it may be, the sinister spirit cannot compel the Lord to remain sent. Henry heads to Bly just in time to try to save Flora, who is about to be killed by the Lady in the Loch. The ghost of Viola Willoughby chokes him and he almost dies, but Owen revives him. Eventually, he ends up building Flora and Thousands without any break from his incredible ego.

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