‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’: Dani Clayton’s Storyline Is a Direct Parallel To This Character

Bly Manor Event the ghostly love story that illuminates the many ways in which people mourn loss. But in regards to the characters that may appear in Mike Flanagan ‘s latest Netflix series, some roles are more common than fans might think. Find out which story is similar to Victoria Pedretti’s character, Dani Clayton.

Miles has always worked harder on Father Stack’s work, first climbing a tree and deliberately falling, and later killing Father Stack’s pet bird after explaining how animals ” one innocent. ”

Although Master Stack did his best to help Miles, he did not want to be saved. He was working out a reason why the school would have no choice but to abolish it. Miles had to return home to Flora at her request for help.

Dani Clayton and Father Stack are similar in the ways they want to help children

A. Manor Bly A fan on Reddit pointed out the similarities between Dani and Father Stack.

“When you listen to Dani explain her life as a teacher, it literally aligns with what the Pastor was trying to do with Miles,” they say. posted.

They compared Dani’s monologue of teaching children with the words of the priest on the same subject. “Have you ever taught a classroom of 25 children?” Dani said. “Well, you bring them to them. You love them. Even the worst ones. You just do. And try to help. But there are just too many of them. And too few of you. ”

Later, as we get more background on Miles’ time at boarding school, Mr Stack told Miles: “I want you to know that this room is a safe place for questions. It’s not just about your learning. But anything you like. I am here as are the other members of staff. So if you feel the need to talk we will listen. You’re not here just what I drive. ”


When Miles is in danger of being fired for his violent behavior, Father Stack’s words once again reminded us of Dani’s desire for help.

“They could push for a stop,” he explained to Miles. “And the boss would want to ruin them. I put myself ahead of that. The headteacher and I have already spoken, and I have made it clear that my well-being is my responsibility and my priority. ”

Fans have discovered many examples of such deliberate parallels throughout Bly Manor Event. Stream it now on Netflix to find your own.

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