‘The Good Place’: D’Arcy Carden Once Explained How Janet Ended up With ‘a Dumb Guy’ Like Jason

When it comes to intimate romantic relationships The good place hemisphere, it is clear that opposing people are attracted. At first glance, fans The good place it may have been difficult for Eleanor and Chidi to paint together. Eleanor’s self-indulgence and penchant for doing just things that were of direct benefit to her coupled with Chidi’s insecurity and overly generous nature should have made them enemies rather than partners. But in the end, the pair could all cast doubt on whether they were good for each other.

Good Place cast members D’Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto
D’Arcy Carden and Manny Jacinto Vestal Evans Ward / NBCU Photo Bank / NBCUniversal via Getty Images

But maybe he’s an even weirder couple than Chidi and Eleanor Jason and Janet. The couple couldn’t have been more different than they tried. While Janet is an AI database of all the knowledge in the universe in the form of a human female, Jason is a native of Jacksonville with a minuscule IQ and a love for EDM. But despite their differences, they do pair really well. But what made them connect to get started? In an interview in 2019 with Gold derby, D’Arcy Carden (cast as Janet) gave an excellent explanation.

‘The Good Place’ member, D’Arcy Carden highlights Jason and Janet’s relationship

“For me, this is always the love of an innocent teenager,” The good place star shared about how she sees Janet and Jason ‘s relationship. “Jason is a sweet blackberry and he is not very mature and not the brightest bulb, as they say. And then Janet, she fell in love with him at this point where she was rejuvenating and rediscovering the world so I just feel connected to them at this point. This is Janet ‘s first love and maybe Jason’ s first love too where they’re just tied up in this innocent time where they were like, ‘You’re nice to me. I like you.’ There is something very sweet and teens about me that I have always been associated with. ”

But how does Carden manage to justify her character’s ongoing love for Jason with how good she was than him? The good place star made an excellent point that, in Janet ‘s eyes, there is little difference between Jason’ s experience and someone ‘s intelligence as Chidi’ s. Since Janet knows literally everything, everyone seems to have the same opportunity.

Carden explains why it doesn’t matter to Janet that Jason is dumb

“It’s funny, Janet is the smartest person in the universe and the idea that she’s with a dumb boy, I thought about this and Mike [Schur, creator of The Good Place] and I’ve talked about this before, ”said Carden. “It’s so funny because whether she’s dumb or smart. It doesn’t matter because she’s so far beyond them that he’s the same as her.”

Ultimately, Janet isn’t with Jason because of what he can strategically deliver. Janet is more interested in the way Jason makes her feel. “It’s not about what he knows or does not know,” Carden admitted. “It’s about how she feels or how she makes her feel. What does she do? Feeling? I do not know.”

Carden enjoyed working with her fans on ‘The Good Place’

The good place the star went on to say that she loved the relationship between Jason and Janet. In addition, she would love to work with her singer, Manny Jacinto, to take away the special friendship of their characters. “But I love, love, love Manny as an actor and I love it when we get scenes together,” Carden said. “Whenever the writers give us a glimpse of two, we are always excited.” The joy that Carden wants to work with her cast mate is certainly evident to the fans of the show. Jason and Janet may be a weird couple, but of course they love it too.

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