‘The Good Doctor’: Freddie Highmore or Hill Harper: Who Has the Higher Net Worth?

Freddie Highmore and Hill Harper star in the hit series The Good Doctor. Which actor has the highest net worth?

Freddie Highmore films and TV shows

Freddie Highmore and Hill Harper  Jack Rowand / ABC through Getty Images
Freddie Highmore and Hill Harper Jack Rowand / ABC through Getty Images

Highmore began acting for the first time in a 1999 television film Walking on the moon. That year, he played the character Sam in the movie Women talk dirty. Highmore landed for the first regular television part of the series Motel Bates, in which he played the character Norman Bates from 2013 to 2017. In 2016, he appeared in the mini-series Near the Enemy. His other acting roles include appearances in Looking for Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Almost friends.

Freddie Highmore’s work outside of acting

Highmore’s entertainment credentials include working as a director, producer and writer. He made his first tour with a 2017 program of Motel Bates entitled “The Group. ”After that, he directed two programs of The Good Doctor entitled “Risk and Reward” and “Autopsy.” His writing credits include the 2018 program of The Good Doctor (entitled “Hello”) and Two episodes of Motel Bates (entitled “Impatient” and “Unbelievable”).

Harper Hill movies and TV shows

Hill harper on the good doctor |  Jeff Weddell / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Hill harper on the good doctor | Jeff Weddell / Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Hill Harper made his acting debut in the 1993 episode of the television series life goes on, in which he played a nurse. The following year, he appeared in a program of Renegade entitled “South of 98.” Harper landed on the first part that appeared repeatedly in the television series Marry… with children. He played the character Aaron from 1993 to 1994. His other acting roles include appearing in City of Angels, CSI: NY, Hidden Issues, Infinite, and Country.

Hill Harper’s work outside of acting

Harper has entertainment beliefs outside of acting. He also worked as a producer, writer and director. The actor began his first tour with a 2011 short film The truth. He made his debut as a producer with the 2008 television documentary Lessons from Little Rock: A National Report Card. Three years later, he made the 2011 TV documentary Man Alpha: The MLK Brotherhood. It’s the next slate for production Alberto and the Jungle concrait and Protector of the Gods.

The Success of the Good Doctor

Why is that The Good Doctor has been so successful? According to Harper, the show’s success is due in large part to an excellent writing team and strong storytelling. In his interview with the series BUILD, Harper praises the writers. He also praised the creator David Shore, who also created the television series House.

Harper says another reason The Good Doctor is very welcome because the series emphasizes meaningful themes. Fans are so moved by the events that they sometimes reach out to him and share how they have personally influenced them. “It all starts with the writing,” Harper says. “[The show] it is set in something that is bigger than the story itself. “

The net worth of Freddie Highmore and Hill Harper

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Freddie Highmore has an estimate of net worth $ 4 million and Harper’s Hill has a net worth of $ 1.5 million.

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