‘The Golden Girls:’ What Elaine Stritch Had to Say About Losing the Role of Dorothy Zbornak

Bea Arthur included Dorothy Zbornak as it were The Golden Girls a character was written for her. And… that’s because there was. Writer Susan Harris wrote Dorothy with Bea Arthur in the pipeline for the post, as she seemed to have seen Arthur’s incomparable deadpan and the perfect comedy time in Maude. However, some reports suggest that NBC was against throwing Arthur in the sitcom. NBC President then Brandon Tartikoff felt that Arthur’s “Q” score (a metric for evaluating audience appeal) was too low, as MentalFloss reports.

Elaine Stritch
Elaine Stritch ‘| Robin Marchant / Stringer

Given that Arthur had earned a reputation as a left-wing individual (for what that description meant in 1985), the actor was considered well-known but not like enough on a large scale. So Elaine Stritch got a glimpse of reading for the character – mostly at the network hand.

So Stritch came in to read for the part. However, whether she reads or not is still a controversial topic in itself. Some delegates say she came in but didn’t read, as Variety remembering. In a short time, Elaine Stritch / Bea Arthur is surrounded by a number of different historical accounts Golden Girls myth. However, Stritch had strong feelings about losing out anyway.

Elaine Stritch talks about missing out on Dorothy Zbornak’s role in ‘The Golden Girls’

Broadway legend Elaine Stritch – who has a voice similar to Bea Arthur – is best known for her plays, as she sings one of the most popular versions of Stephen Sondheim’s “Ladies Who Lunch”. However, she almost took part in a regular gig, with little pay. Talking about it The Golden Girls, Stritch said:

“I blew it. I blew it. I didn’t get the job. Ha ha ha, I blew it up. I shot work 35, 40 or maybe even 50 (if they wanted me bad enough) a thousand dollars per program for the first 13 weeks (and after that who knew). I blew it. A multi-million-dollar, zillion-dollar, international, syndicated, bofferooni, smasherooni television setting, titled ‘The Golden Girls. “

Elaine Stritch | as qtd with Variety

And while Elaine Stritch missed out on a famous TV show, Bea Arthur reportedly didn’t even want the gig at first (at least according to her co-star Rue McClanahan, who played Blanche).

Bea Arthur reportedly needed to believe a little to play Dorothy

Mar ABCNews notes, McClanahan and Arthur remember the early stages of The Golden Girls slightly different. While Arthur remembers being excited about getting a chance, McClanahan recalls that he had to Maude little pushing star. McClanahan said:

“I said, ‘Why are you turning down the best script that’s going to come across your desktop for the rest of your life? ‘and she said,’ Rue, I’m not interested in playing Maude and Vivian meets Sue Ann Nevins. ‘ ”

McClanahan | ABCNews

Apparently, when Arthur found out that McClanahan was playing Blanche and Betty White was playing Rose, her feelings about the show changed, so it showed that her two co-stars were play against type.

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