‘The Golden Girls’ Producers Wanted a Bette Midler Tune for the Theme Song, But It Was Too Expensive

The Golden Girls a theme song is almost as symbolic as the show itself. As soon as those words, “Thank you for being a friend,” reach for ears, memories of the sitcom come back. Sophia had sly tongues, Dorothy’s deadpan, Blanche’s flirtatious situation, and Rose Olaf’s insensitive stories. The four characters (and the on-screen chemistry) made one of the most successful shows – a show that has entered a class of “iconic TV.” However, as for the well-known theme song, this was not the first choice of the producers. The producers first wanted Bette Midler’s appropriate tune to introduce the women.

Bette Midler
Bette Midler | Mark Sagliocco / WireImage

Producers of ‘The Golden Girls’ wanted Bette Midler’s ‘Friends’ as the sitcom’s theme song

Bette Midler’s “Friends”, after a slow introduction, is a catchy and engaging tune about the importance of friendship in life. The song warms the heart with a message that is apt for the TV series. The main line – “you must have friends” – repeats throughout the song.

One verse in particular might have made the cut – when Midler talks about “standing at the end of the road… waiting for new friends to arrive,” while the four women approach end together late in life, sharing rent in Miami, Florida.

What went wrong? according to FoxNews, those behind the show found out that the song was too expensive when they joined the publishing company behind the tune. But then someone remembered “Thank you for being a friend.”

Cynthia Fee came into the recording studio and got the job in a jiffy

As FoxNews explains, The Golden Girls producers approved the song and hired a singer, Cynthia Fee, to come in and record it. While saving an hour-long session, she got the job done in two captures, within 30 minutes. While the recording artist – who didn’t do much else – didn’t intend to think of the song after the fact, her show is to thank her for sending her children through college, as FoxNews explained.

The recording artist makes a quick stop every time the song is played, and with it The Golden Girls Coming back all the time, Fee has been doing an impressive amount of about 30 minutes of work. Tax work outside of the show is limited, but it also includes a duet by Kenny Rogers called “I don’t want to find out why. ”And, it is the voice behind the old Hoover Vacuum Cleaner companies, a Last.FM. notes.

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