‘The Flight Attendant’ Scrapped a Major Story Arc Involving Cassie

What do you do when you have a story to tell that is too long for a film but would feel stretched like a full – length season of a TV show? Why, you turn to the small series as the direct medium for delivering compelling detail and meaningful suspension without slowing down and losing the audience’s attention.

It’s not a new format, but the changing nature of how people watch TV certainly takes the mini-series as a mediocre new life. Fans love courting, and a satisfying ending in a handful of events is a successful experience. That’s why HBO Max has the new eight-episode series Flight attendant has provided enough fans to clench their teeth.

Flight attendant drawn from a book of the same name as the source material, but the exhibition takes one major shift from the book’s conclusion.

‘The Flight Attendant’ is a new creative endeavor for Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is famous for her role as Penny on him The Big Bang theory. Now that the popular sitcom has wrapped up, Cuoco is moving on to other creative events, and that includes working with her production company, Yes, Norman Productions, recently established.

Just like co-star Reese Witherspoon, Cuoco is using his production chops to open her own avenues for new acting ventures. In Flight attendant, Cuoco gets multiple creative muscles stretched at the same time.

First, Cuoco had to go into a bidding war to win the rights to the series. She said it was going to be a big issue for her: “I hadn’t read the book, but something had told me we should jump on this.”

Rosie Perez and Kaley Cuoco in 'The Flight Attendant'
Rosie Perez and Kaley Cuoco in ‘The Flight Attendant’ | Phil Caruso / WarnerMedia

Once she got the chance to do the series, she also had to get the talent to go along with it. While Cuoco herself was taking on the star role, she begged Rosie Perez to get involved as well.

As an executive producer, Cuoco was also involved in overseeing the team that was in charge of every detail that helped bring the series together.

‘The Flight Attendant’ is based on a book

The source material for Flight attendant the suspenseful novel of the same name. Written by Chris Bohjalian and published in 2018.

In both the show and the book, the main character is Cassandra “Cassie” Bowden (played by Cuoco). She is an American flight attendant whose life is spent when she goes on a date with one of her passengers.

Waking up next to the man in a hotel room in Bangkok the next morning, Cassie is shocked to discover that he is dead. She can’t remember what went on, and fled back to New York hoping the situation would go away.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a great pleasure if it were, so Cassie finds herself in the middle of an investigation when she doesn’t know if she’s guilty of anything herself. As the pieces come together for both Cassie and the FBI, the audience will embark on a suspenseful journey.

The ‘The Flight Attendant’ series is making one big change

While much of the story is taken straight from the book, the series makes one big change. In the book, Cassie discovers that she is pregnant with baby Alex. As executive producer Steve Yockey explains in an interview with Glamorhowever, the decision to change this element of the story was deliberate.

“In the book, her life needs something and she finds it in motherhood, a story that is perfectly valid to tell, but that’s not the story we were telling,” Yockey explains heavy with Cassie. Instead, they wanted to find Cassie more of a journey to find herself and a support system: “We wanted to leave you at the final where she was through the hammer, she’s on the minute get this, and now she’s going to try as well to change it. “With a second season on the horizon, fans are likely to get more of this idea explored on screen.

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