‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Reveals the 3 Reasons She Doesn’t Trust Royal’s New Wife

On the first look of season 2 of TLC Fian 90 days spin-off, The Elements of the Family – including Chantel Everett, Pedro Jimeno, and their families – Royal Everett, Chantel ‘s older brother, introduced another law into the mix. Royal returned to Atlanta with a new bride, Angenette, in tow.

Like Pedro and Chantel, Royal and Angenette (who are from the Philippines) met online and went through the K-1 visa process to get married. But things that looked like Chantel didn’t seem to get any closer to her sister-in-law, at least not in the beginning. On the premiere of the October 12 season of The Elements of the Family, Chantel revealed that there were a number of factors that led her to question Angenette ‘s reasons.

Angenette was too ‘quiet’ and reserved to like Chantel

On the first program of The Elements of the Family season 2, Chantel revealed that Royal returned from Texas, where he worked and went to school, with more than just a degree and a little extra work experience. The 32-year-old had a new wife, 23-year-old Angenette, whom he met on Facebook.

But Royal and Angenette’s age differences stopped Chantel, as well as their main differences in personality. While the Fian 90 days A star said her older brother had always been a woman of all ages, and many of them took an interest in music, Angenette couldn’t be more different.

Although Chantel admitted that Angenette was “sweet,” she said she was too “quiet” to read.

“I just want her to open up a little more for me,” said the star The Elements of the Family lament.

Moreover, Angenette’s unconscious nature – even in a horrible night of girls drinking and dancing at the club – made Chantel question what she was “hiding.” She was even worried that Angenette might be dishonest, like her Winter sister Jah’s boyfriend, who hid one of his children from Winter until the family hired a private investigator.

“Every time I’m around her, I try to talk to her, but she’s a little shut up,” Chantel told TLC representatives. “I need to get to know her better. I don’t want another situation to happen as it did with Winter and Jah. ”

In the end, the independent Chantel did not seem to value her sister-in-law being calm and reserved, especially in response to her brother’s requests (about what she should drink and how she should wear her hair, for example).

“When someone is just sensitive and not very active in conversation, it makes me feel like she’s hiding something,” Pedro’s wife said.

Chantel argued that Angenette may have been fishing for an American

After Pedro and Chantel went to a birthday party for Royal, Chantel ‘s suspicions only arose. Through a conversation with Royal, Pedro discovered that Angenette was the first to reach out to Chantel’s brother online – not the other way around.

This appearance left Chantel “worried and anxious. ”She said The Elements of the Family representatives she wasn’t sure if Angenette just wanted to “use” her brother for a visa.

“It looks like she was fishing for an American,” Chantel said.

Eventually Chantel came up with a plan to discover Angenette’s true secrets by getting closer to her.

“I don’t feel like she’s showing herself,” said the Fian 90 days a star said about her new sister-in-law. “I think she’s just doing her best to give my mum and dad a good idea. I feel like I need to get closer to her to protect my brother. ”

And of course it didn’t seem to end there. Previews for later events show that the drama and trust between Chantel, Royal, and Angenette only grew worse when he was on a family trip to the Philippines to meet Angenette’s family.

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