‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Doesn’t Think Angenette Is as ‘Innocent’ as She Acts

The Elements of the Family back with a whole new season, and new family members that fans are getting to know. Chantel Everett ‘s brother, Royal, has returned to Atlanta, but does not come alone. He has a new wife, named Angenette. She is from the Philippines, and Chantel seems to have doubts about her.

Chantel Everett’s brother, Royal, has a new wife

Angenette on 'The Family Chantel'
Angenette on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC /YouTube

Royal has returned home with the new bride after their courthouse wedding. They met online of course, and Royal went to the Philippines to meet her. He ended up praising her first time over, and has been over to see her twice. The couple tied the knot a week after Angenette arrived in the United States on a K-1 visa, even though they technically had 90 days to do so.

Chantel has her doubts about Angenette, including the age difference that separates her and Royal. He’s 32, while Angenette is 23. Chantel also thinks Angenette is quiet and reserved, and unlike the women her brother is on a previous date.

Chantel brings Angenette to the club, but Royal shows up to find his wife

Chantel invites Angenette out for a girl night out with her sister, Winter, and her friends. The drinks are flowing, and they obviously have a bit of fun. Even before he arrives at the club, Royal texts his wife about coming to fetch him. As the night progresses, Royal shows up to the club, and takes his wife home. But Chantel is more upset than her brother showed.

“I feel like Royal just didn’t want her to be out in any environment where other boys would be,” Chantel reveals to the cameras. “He may be unsure about looking for another boy. ”

Chantel mentions something her brother told her about Angenette. “Royal seems to feel like he has to keep a close eye on Angenette,” Chantel says. She then goes on to say that Royal told her when the couple first got together that Angenette was “sending a romantic message to other boys who were also in America,” according to Chantel.

Chantel doesn’t think Angenette is as ‘innocent’ as she is in action

This week, Chantel meets with her mother to go shopping for ugly sweaters for an upcoming photo shoot with the family. Chantel tells her mother, Karen, that they all decided to go out the other night. Chantel says Royal “ruined everything” by showing up.

Karen says Royal is “very protective” of his wife.

Chantel goes on to say that she does not think Angenette is as “innocent” as she is in action. “But you see, I don’t think she’s as innocent as she’s trying to show herself,” Chantel tells her mother. “We’re out there having a good time, and he doesn’t even have enough trust to let her go. He came there, woke her up, told us all we were drunk and then off. And I’m crazy about it. ”

Karen reveals that Royal is also crazy with her sister, thinking he didn’t like the way her husband, Pedro Jimeno, was trying to identify issues at the conference. his birthday. Karen says that Royal feels Pedro’s pretense that Angenette is “the bride of the mail order”.

Karen says that Angenette is a “regular girl”, but Chantel asks her how she knows, thinking that they have only known her for a few weeks, and that they are not. even having been in her country yet. But Karen seems to have a different opinion than her daughter.

“My son is a big man,” Karen tells the cameras. “And I’m sure he’s fully capable of determining what is a good situation for him and what isn’t. So I have no hard reason to dismiss Angenette ‘s intention with my son. If I found out that her intentions were not sincere, I would change my mind about her. ”

We need to see if Chantel’s suspicions about Angenette dominate anywhere.

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