The Duggar Kids Were Allowed To Watch ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and Other Retro TV Shows

The Duggar family they may have made their fortune on a real TV show, but that doesn’t mean they’ve embraced television in their lives. In fact, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were careful not to allow their 19 children to watch television shows and movies that were deemed inappropriate. The couple’s children were only allowed to see a few performances, including Toilet on the Moor.

Duggar’s children had little access to television

Jim Bob and Michelle did not start their marriage with very strict rules and regulations. Before most of their children were born, Michelle wore trousers. The couple were watching TV and using birth control. After embarking on an ultra-conservative Christian ministry, that all changed.

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In the couple’s book The Duggars: 20 and counting, Michelle explained that the couple threw away their television when they felt they were no longer connected as a family because of it. By the time most Duggar children arrived, not only did the Duggars not have a television, but the family’s access to the media was severely limited. Duggar’s children were only allowed to see a handful of licensed films and television shows.

Jim Bob and Michelle allowed their children to watch some television programs, however

Even without a TV set, Duggar ‘s children were allowed to see some of the media. What they found to watch was largely preserved by Jim Bob and Michelle, however. Over the years, Duggar’s family has been talking about their media rules again, including how to keep the family away from inappropriate online content. They have also influenced the performances that allowed them to grow up as well.

AJ Calloway and Hilaria Baldwin are standing with the Duggar family
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So what shows were Duggar’s kids watching? Jim Bob has said that Andy Griffith Exhibition it was on the family’s permitted observation list. The show, which was about a small town in the 1930s, went out in the 1960s when Jim Bob and Michelle were both young. Toilet on the Moor and I Love Lucy both on the checklist were also allowed. Jinger Duggar mentioned Toilet on the Moor in one of the first special family TV shows. Both Joy-Anna and Jill Duggar have all commented on watching I Love Lucy, As well. They reportedly watched the performances on DVDs.

Some Duggar children do things differently with their children

While Duggar’s children grew up watching very little television, they may not have followed in their parents ’footsteps with their children. Jessa Duggar lets her three children, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Seewald, see some cartoons. Jill and her husband, Derick Dillard, allow their children to see some “family shows”, although the pair have not listed a series they deem appropriate for their children to offer.

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While a number of Duggars may allow their children to watch some TV shows, most seem to follow in the footsteps of Jim Bob and Michelle in terms of having a real TV set in the house. . Jill and Derick do not have a television. They allow their children to broadcast content on a laptop. Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, do not appear to have real TV. Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth also do not seem to have a TV in their house.

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