‘The Chi’ Star Jasmine Davis Confirms Whether or Not Barton Fitzpatrick Quit Due To Her Being Transgender

As fans of The Chi waiting for the show to return, many are still pondering the stories in season 3. There have been a number of changes in the show, including the departure of Barton Fitzpatrick. Rumors about Fitzpatrick’s behavior erupted as a result of writers embracing a transgender love interest.

Barton Fitzpatrick
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Actress Jasmine Davis, who is a love interest, discusses whether she thinks her LGBTQ status has anything to do with Fitzpatrick leaving.

Barton Fitzpatrick denies ‘The Chi’ because of potential transgender love interest

Fitzpatrick played the role of Reg, a drug dealer, and local gang leader. Despite his criminal activity, he takes care of Jake’s younger brother. Reg dies during season 2 last.

Singer Luke James joins Season 3 as Trig, Reg and Jake’s older brother. Trig returns for answers regarding Reg ‘s murder and tries to catch Jake. He is said to have a love interest as a transgender woman, Imani (Davis).

Many believe Fitzpatrick stopped the show because of Davis’ transgenderism, but he denies that. He took to Instagram to clarify his way out, maintaining that Davis has no connection.

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“We need to stop all the negativity that is going on there. Lena Waithe and I are cool, ”he began. “I have no problem with the LGBT[Q] community, anyone trans, it’s love… stop paying attention to all these bulls ** ta circulating in the media, don’t believe the hype. ”

Moreover, he delves into the idea that he has a phobia towards the LGBTQ community, considering the show to be a creation from a lesbian.

“A strange black woman from South Chicago created an exhibition with the name The Chi that gave me a platform, which gave many others a platform to grow and thrive to be as you see it to this day and I appreciate that. , ”He said.

There are rumors that Fitzpatrick could return to the show as it is assumed that his character may not be dead.

Jasmine Davis talks about Barton Fitzpatrick’s departure and her view on whether she is transgender

In a recent interview with Brand Jasmine, Davis deals with whether she believes or is aware that Fitzpatrick ‘s departure has nothing to do with her. She says she doesn’t know.

“I always tell people when they ask me questions that I don’t know are above my pay level because in this business, what I’ve learned is that I don’t ask questions that don’t bother me, ”she says. “I didn’t hear rumors about the show until I was done – I didn’t know who was on the set, who wasn’t on the show anymore, or anything because I could hardly watch the show.”

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Davis also opens up about her excuse to take the job because of the transgender element. She was afraid she would be put into the same positions. Fortunately, she says that James as her on-screen girlfriend makes it easy.

“I had my doubts – it was me because Luke has never been with a transgender but he’s been in this business for a while so he’s been around gay people, trans, Black, white – so he’s very comfortable with who he is, ”Davis gushes. “That’s what I love about him.”

Davis and James are expected to return for season 4.

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