‘The Challenge’: Johnny ‘Bananas’ Devenanzio Once Compared Himself to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady

The challenge officially back for season 36! The challenge: dual reps featuring 20 returning contestants and 10 spies competing for the million dollar prize. However, for the first time in a short time, Johnny Devenanzio – aka Johnny Bananas – is not part of the MTV reality show series.

The Johnny Bananas challenge
‘The Challenge’ star Johnny Bananas

It is uncertain at this stage that he will ever return. Whatever, it will always be like the GOAT in his opinion. He even once compared himself to Michael Jordan and Tom Brady.

The ‘The Challenge’ star names MTV where reality TV was born

Long before there were fans Keeping up with the Kardashians, watching contestants get off the island Survivor, following the Real housewives, or voting for their favorite singer American Idol, there was MTV Real World.

Bananas says, in his mind, there is not even an argument about the birthplace of reality TV. He told the Chicago Sun-Times that he was in fact MTV and The Real World, which first appeared 15 years before Banana appeared.

“This is the agreement, dude, when I started reality television [in 2006], my quarter of The Real World, we were almost like the only game in town, ”explained Bananas. “You did Survivor and Big brother, but The challenge spawning off The Real World, and in my opinion there will always be the liveliest competition show out there. Because it combines all the wonders of reality television into one. ”

Bananas took note of that The challenge it is everything. There’s the drama, the hooks, and that side that everyone wants to see. But there is also the strategic part of the game, the physical and mental part of the game.

Johnny Bananas says social media has changed the competition

Bananas acknowledged that the physical and mental part of the game – the strategic part – has developed “surprisingly” over the years. He noted that his run on reality TV began before social media.

At the time, Bananas says people were competing for the love of the game and the love of the show. But he says that has all changed thanks to Instagram and Twitter. Now, people are just looking for fans.

“I feel like people are going on TV now for different reasons than we used to,” Banana admitted. “I feel like there are a lot of dozen dozen reality stars now. Where I feel like I’m back in the day to throw myself in for one of those shows… dude, my original season of The Real World I was one of 200,000 candidates for Key West. “

“For me, and now 20 seasons of doing this and doing challenges for 15 years, the longevity I had physically, but also a resume and the introduction of something new, and now at the end of the day to have more competitions than Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, it would be so hard for you to argue that we are not athletes either, ”said Bananas.

The challenge: dual reps – sans Johnny Bananas – Wednesday night air on MTV.

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