‘The Challenge 36’: Tori Deal Denies Cheating on Jordan Wiseley With Fessy Shafaat

Week before The Challenge 36 broadcast, Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley announced that they had stopped the connection and the separation. Many fans said they saw Tori on vacation with co-star Fessy Shafaat, causing them to believe she cheated on him during the show. After MTV shared a clip that highlighted a possible romantic connection between the two, Tori spoke out.

Tori Deal attends “Are you the one?” Premiere New York
Tori Deal attends “Are you the one? ”Premiere New York | Iain Lamparski

‘The Challenge’ stars broke Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley

Rookie from Are you the 4th? Tori Deal met multi-champion Jordan Wiseley during The Challenge 30, where she reached the finals. His girlfriend Derrick Henry then went home much earlier, and ended up cheating on him with Jordan.

The new couple decided to pursue a relationship and moved in together. They returned for World War 2, where Jordan praised Tori, and Full dog, in which they both went home before the finals. The AYTO a star came back for next season, Dual agents, but Jordan stayed behind.

Cory Wharton commented on the situation, noting that Fessy was always attracted to Tori, who came into the house engaged, and he believes that he obviously the two work together. After many fans started sharing the clip as a way to prove that Tori was cheating, the AYTO a star releases a statement on her Instagram A story.

She said Fessy did not admit that being attracted to her meant they did anything and denied being deceived by him. However, she never clarified whether she and the Big brother stars are currently seeing each other. The Challenge 36 air Wednesday at 8/7 Media on MTV.

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