‘The Challenge 36’: Rookies Amber Martinez and Mechie Harris Had a Romance That Didn’t Make the Show

The Challenge 36 rookies Amber Martinez and Mechie Harris reportedly started courting each other early in the house. However, it didn’t make the show likely to deal with the drama about dismissal. According to Amber, the two had a romance while filming the 36th season that she believes caused a rift between him and his UK rookie partner Liv Jawando.

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This photo shows the music television logo displayed on a smartphone | Alvin Chan

Rookies Amber Martinez and Mechie Harris reported on ‘The Challenge 36’

Remembered for his romantic relationship with the popular Blac Chyna personality, Demetrius “Mechie” Harris first appeared on reality television as a single on the MTV partition series Ex on the beach 3.

However, his relationship did not last long after the ceremony, and he made his debut The Challenge 36 a few months later.

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Same representation from Are you the one? 8, Amber Martinez, has also entered the latest season of MTV ‘s reality show series.

Several of their co-stars viewed them as some of the weakest players based on first impressions due to their smaller nature at the start of the season.

Amber and Mechie partnered with ‘The Challenge 36’

The contestants immediately pitted against each other in rounds divided by gender for the first taste of power. Veteran Aneesa Ferreira shook the fastest time overall, allowing her to choose her partner before anyone else.

She chose a trustworthy Fessy Shafaat, leaving everyone else to engage with whoever they wanted.

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Amber sat down with veteran Nelson Thomas and Mechie and Olivia “Liv” Jawando from the UK decided to become a partner.

In Instagram Live after the first show, Nelson explained that he joined the rookie because he thought the others would take them to the end, looking at Amber as a “lay-up” in the finals.

Amber and Mechie had an unsettling romance that involved fighting

After the third program, Amber revealed that she and Mechie were courting the house and kissing at the start of the season in YouTube video re-capturing the program.

She says a show of love may have made Liv jealous because Mechie was also telling her partner that he was interested in her. So Amber said that the women were going against the rookie, and he said that Liv was not attractive to him and that they only wanted Amber.

According to the AYTO 8 star, she thinks Liv was embarrassed that he made the reference in front of everyone, especially after he thought she liked it and threw water in his face.

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Amber said the fight went into Liv also pouring shampoo on his bed. The UK man denied several parts of her story and said she threw water on him before giving his opinion.

She also says that Amber and Mechie slept together at some point in the house. While the AYTO8 A star admitted that he had been courting her, she did not speak to the hook’s rumors but she realized she was not there for love.

It is unclear whether the alleged hook will appear in a program as the show has not yet covered the rookie ‘s romance. The Challenge 36 air Wednesday at 8/7 Media on MTV.

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