‘The Challenge 36’: Natalie Anderson Says Wes Bergmann’s Wife Factored Into Why He Partnered With Her

Veteran Wes Bergmann quickly worked alongside rookie Natalie Anderson during The challenge 36: double reps. While she explained her reasoning for joining the two-time camp in her confession, Wes was not. After episode 2, Natalie revealed that his wife may have participated in his decision in an interview.

Tribal Council's Natalie Anderson on the three-hour end-of-season program 'Survivor: Winners at War'
Tribal Council’s Natalie Anderson on the three-hour end-of-season program of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ | CBS

Natalie Anderson appeared on ‘The Challenge 36’

In 2012, Natalie Anderson first appeared on television reality show with her “twin,” Nadiya, for CBS ‘ The Amazing Race 21. The sisters were eliminated in fourth place but became fans.

They returned for All-Stars but it disappeared like the first shoes. Their popularity came to a head Survivor: San Juan del Sur (2014), where Nadiya was first removed again.

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However, Natalie went on to win the season. Six years later, she returned, for the first time without her twin, to compete Survivor: Winners of War.

Although her tribes voted the old champion out first, she returned to the tournament after returning from Edge of Extinction and finished second. Natalie then canceled the 36th season of MTV’s long competition series, The challenge.

Natalie was in partnership with Wes Bergmann

All competitors in the first daily mission rode in rounds divided by gender. Aneesa Ferreira, a 14-time contestant, finished the fastest overall and chose Fessy Shafaat, who had no say in the matter, as her partner.

While the players scrambled to make a pair, Natalie asked Wes Bergmann how many finals he had competed for. Wes’ response of “like nine” satisfied her, and she smiled and kissed ie, seemingly accepting the partnership.

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Darrell Taylor noted that he went for Natalie in the confession, but “said Mr. Thog Wes ”i. The Survivor Camp explained that she chose the two-time champion over four-time winner Darrell, because she felt he brought “things” to the competition that she can’t.

Plus, Natalie thought she was sharing too many things like Darrell.

Natalie says Wes Bergmann ‘s wife may have played a part in why they were partners

During an interview with ET Canada, the Amazing race The fan explained that she felt “honored” that old camps were “basically fighting” to join her but noticed that she joined Wes because of the many connections she had in the house.

The Survivor a star also thought he would have more “slow and defensive” than Darrell, who is more “lowkey.” In addition, Natalie Wes named the “student of the game” and felt drawn to winning.

She thinks he wanted to join her because he knew that others saw him as one of the greatest female threats.

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Natalie also thinks he chose her because his wife is a “huge fan.” She says she confirmed it after she recovered from the show when she spoke to her on the phone.

According to the Survivor winner, his wife encouraged him to choose Natalie if he could or “would be in trouble” when he returned home.

Although the contestants selected them for elimination twice, the second sent Wes home; Natalie said she had no regrets choosing him as her companion. The Challenge 36 Wednesday at 9/8 Central on MTV.

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