‘The Challenge 36’: Josh Martinez Admits He ‘Feels Bad’ About Blowups With CT Tamburello and Devin Walker

Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez got into heating exchanges with CT Tamburello and Devin Walker during The Challenge 36 program 3. After watching the blowup air, Josh admitted that he felt “embarrassed” by the way he behaved in the situation on Twitter.

Josh Martinez celebrates his win
Josh Martinez celebrates his win | Johnny Vy

Josh Martinez, CT Tamburello, and Devin Walker returned for ‘The Challenge 36’

The Real World: Paris CT star Tamburello debuted him The challenge: The Inferno (2004) and reached the finals four times before winning his ninth season, Competitors II (2013). He went on to compete in another final and won two more times, kissing $ 515,000 in total.

After winning Are you the one? The second chance Along with his perfect match, Devin Walker competed Competitors III (2016), where he placed third as a rookie. The AYTO star returned three more times but failed to reach the other final.

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In 2019, Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez’s champ first appeared World War. However, he is not yet set in a three-season career. Josh, CT, and Devin all returned for Dual agents.

While CT and Devin finished on essentially the same side, Josh aligned with the other contestants from Big brother, which started the competition mostly.

Josh went into a fight with CT Tamburello and Devin Walker

The Challenge 36 program 3, BB20 camp Kaycee Clark and CT got into a dispute over the use of the oven. Feeling defensive about his friend, Josh came to CT after the situation and asked what had happened.

When the winner tried three times to put it off, Josh said CT hurt Kaycee and made her cry.

So the veteran looked at Kaycee and explained that he wanted to make sure things were okay because Josh told him she was in tears.

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The BB19 Camp then said he never said Kaycee cried, causing CT to push back. The two began to bounce back and forth over the situation until security put it down.

Shortly afterwards, Devin began to mock Josh by saying again, “Big Brother sucks,” and as a result the previous winner shouted at the AYTO star and trying to break away from security to charge.

After they, and a few other huntsmen, joined Josh on the other side of the building, he shook the wall several times out of harassment.

Josh admits he ‘feels bad’ about fighting CT and Devin

After the show, Josh admitted that he felt “ashamed” and “bad” about the hits with CT and Devin. The winner explained that he would have difficulty watching the season as he was “in a bad state of mind” while in the house.

In addition, Josh noted that he let “my temper get the best of me” and vowed to “try to do better.” The former champ also restricted the responses to his tweet, allowing those who followed him or commented on a response.

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However, a number of fans take notice of the old winner’s tweeted and share their thoughts. One viewer they noticed that they enjoyed watching Josh Big brother but he did not think it suited him The challenge.

Another said he was said the same last season after a program aired showing that he had entered a verbal change with Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. Other fans don’t believe Josh did nothing wrong and they should not have to apologize.

The Challenge 36 air Wednesday at 8/7 Media on MTV.

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