‘The Carrie Diaries’ Got Everything Wrong About Carrie Bradshaw’s Upbringing

During running Feis and the City, fans learn very little about the family life of the four main characters. That was a deliberate decision. Instead of focusing on how life was shaped, the production team wanted to focus on the lives they built for themselves. Over the years, informational tidbits have been released that have helped make Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones, and Charlotte York more vibrant. Fans were mostly okay with the mystery, and then Carrie’s Diary he came. The prequel series completely cost everything we knew about Carrie’s early life.

Carrie Bradshaw’s backup is a bit of a mystery

Carrier’s backup is perhaps the most mysterious of the four main characters. She talked about sex and going open, but she didn’t mention her mother directly. Her father didn’t get a ton of talking points either. In fact, she only mentioned her father once in response to Julian’s question about what her father would think about quitting. During that time, fans learned that Carrie ‘s father had walked out on her when she was five.

AnnaSophia Robb and Freema Agyeman on the set of 'The Carrie Diaries'
AnnaSophia Robb and Freema Agyeman on the set of ‘The Carrie Diaries’ | Alo Ceballos / FilmMagic

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The rest of Carrie’s early life remained a mystery as the series drew to a close. Viewers never found out where she was raised, whether she had siblings, or how she became a columnist. Carrie’s Diary, prequel of Feis and the City, aiming to provide answers. He did the opposite. Everything that they thought they knew about Carrie was turned upside down by the book and a brief TV change.

Carrie’s Diary Carrie Bradshaw gave a very different take

Carrie’s Diary he should have been about Carrie as a teenager, but fans of it Feis and the City Carrie is looking for Carrie’s Diary there was nothing like the narrator of the famous HBO series. In the prequel series, Carrie was from the outskirts of a fictional, affluent city in Connecticut. Her father was very much in her life, but her mother had died.

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in 'Sex and the City'
Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw | Getty Images

Teenager Carrie had a sister, worked an internship at a law firm, and was struggling to make peace with her mother’s death. Fans might think Carrie’s family was wealthy, partly because of their home and partly because of the wardrobe her mother left when she died. Fans of the original series have lamented the pitfalls and mistakes of the plot, suggesting that teenager Carrie would never have grown up to be a sex column writer they became acquainted with and loved. .

How was Carrie of Feis and the City different than the Carrie seen in Carrie’s Diary

Younger Carrie was just as fashionable as her older companion. However, fans argue that this is where the similarities come to an end. In addition to the intriguing hole in Carrie’s father and mother, fans say they have long accepted that elder Carrie came from a more working-class background. It also looked strange to some fans that elder Carrie would not have mentioned growing up in Connecticut when the state was mentioned several times during a six-season run. the show.

Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker
Kristin Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker Tom Kingston / WireImage

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Vulture noting that Sarah Jessica Parker ‘s version of Carrie seemed to be more scrappier and from a much smaller start. While it’s never completely said, the show’s stories seemed to reveal that Carrie was never particularly comfortable around wealth. She always felt something unusual when she ran in circles with high members of society. Parker’s version of Carrie didn’t seem to have any family money to go back to, making him far more tolerant as a character. So was teenage Candace Bushnell’s Carrie a bad attempt to craft backup? It is possible. Frankly, it seems Carrie’s Diary he may have tried to bring money into the name recognition that Carrie Bradshaw brought to the table. The story could be about anyone else. Nothing connected teenage Carrie with the adult character that fans became acquainted with and loved HBO.

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