‘The Carrie Diaries’: Could the Show Be Rebooted?

When Carrie’s Diary postponed in 2014, fans were taken out of their last one Feis and the City established exhibitions. Then, in 2017, Kim Cattrall honestly announced that she wouldn’t do a third Feis and the City film. That left fans with no hope for a future series. But with so many series getting rebounds and reunions on competitive streaming platforms, could there be hope for the CW The Carrie Diary? Cattrell can do it with it SATC, but the TCD the team may want to return and take another look at their show.

(LR) Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb on a set of 'The Carrie Diaries'
Austin Butler and AnnaSophia Robb Alo Ceballos / Getty Images

‘The Carrie Diaries’ starred Anna Sophia Robb

While Sarah Jessica Parker is the definitive face of adult Carrie Bradshaw, AnnaSophia Robb did a good job bringing teenage Carrie to light. Robb was already an experienced actress when it came to Carrie’s career. according to IMDb, she had a lot of small credits before the show, and one big credit. Robb Violet Beauregarde played in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Robb has been a huge success thanks to the Hulu streaming service. She went inside The Act and had a place in Small fires everywhere. If so Carrie’s Diary come back, it may be on streaming service. While it is a good sign that Robb has a relationship with Hulu, it looks like she would not have been selected to play young Carrie again. Robb is now 27, which is almost the age Carrie Bradshaw was when the first episode of Feis and the City aired. Carrie was likely 32 in the first program, so Robb would be around the right age to play the Carrie that everyone knows and loves. Feise and the City, but it may be pushing her to expect to recently play high school graduate again.

Due to a lack of viewers ‘The Carrie Diaries’ was canceled

Feis and the City this was one of the most popular shows ever. It was so great that HBO went on to make not one film but two when the show was canceled. Carrie and the gang were drawn by fans, though no one can point the finger at why. Whatever that HBO was SATC yes, CW’s Carrie’s Diary he was never able to reproduce.

Initially, the show had a Friday time slot, usually with few spectators. But the show’s ranking was so bad at first glance of their second season that the CW couldn’t maintain justification.

Could ‘The Carrie Diaries’ get a resume?

Considering its depressing symptoms, it is very likely that anyone would want to take advantage of it Carrie’s Diary, at least not the version that appeared on the CW in 2014. The team is older now, so if they use the same group they would have to redo some of the ground SATC already covered. But with streaming services, displays of all kinds can be built and restarted, so it’s not entirely impossible. But fans should expect nothing new TCD to look very different from the original. Representatives may want to avoid mistakes of the past and start anew.

But there is another reason for a TCD it may not be possible for any content producer. Despite being so popular SATC it was in the early 2000s, it might not be a blow if it appeared today. Tastes have changed and watching young women’s cavort around town shops and brunching may not cater to today’s taste. Emily in Paris it looks like Feis and the City in many ways, and has been widely criticized. If Carrie is going to return, she has to be a different version of herself.

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