The ‘Breaking Bad’ Cast Has a Bizarre Connection to ‘Seinfeld’

breaking bad follows Walter White as he turns into a science teacher-turned-drug supplier over five seasons. Through filming, the show crew grew close to each other due to spending so much time together. And surprisingly, several of them have another strange connection – and it belongs to the 1990s sitcom, Seinfeld.

The 'Breaking Bad' throw
The ‘Breaking Bad’ cast Jason LaVeris / FilmMagic

Bryan Cranston previously held a consecutive role on ‘Seinfeld’

Prior to playing Cranston Walter White had roles on several other television programs. Cranston was famous for his role as Hal on Callum in the middle (father of Frankie Muniz character, Calum). Cranston has appeared in a number of shows both before and after his tenure breaking bad, but it also played a regular part in the popular 1990s festival Seinfeld.

The actor appeared as Tim Whatley, Jerry Seinfeld’s dentist on the show. Cranston appeared five shows, and Tim and Jerry had an interesting relationship. They seemed to be getting under each other’s skin, like when Tim turned to Judaism to make fun of the religion. Tim later stopped doing dental work on Jerry to get back to him for making fun of the priest. Cranston may not be the star, but appearing on one of the most popular roles ever on television helped his career.

Several other ‘Breaking Bad’ stars have also appeared on ‘Seinfeld’

The breaking bad cast has an interesting connection to the sitcom: Grunnan breaking bad stars, as well as Cranston, appeared on the show. Anna Gunn, played by Walter White ‘s wife, Skylar White breaking bad, also on a Seinfeld role. according to Independent, Gunn appeared as Jerry ‘s girlfriend, Amy; she was supposed to be cheating on him, and she was only seen in one program, so she was easy to miss.

Other actors appearing in both shows include Bob Odenkirk and Jessica Hect. Forward Seinfeld, Odenkirk played Elaine’s boyfriend; he only appeared in one program. In breaking bad, Odenkirk appears as Saul Goodman, the scathing but charismatic lawyer (who eventually got his own spinoff). And Hecht starred on it Seinfeld as Lindsay, George’s girlfriend.

There were others breaking bad actors who appeared even smaller on the show, such as Nigel Gibbs and Larry Hankin.

Is the ‘Breaking Bad’ throw still close?

Although the series ended in 2013, many members have still kept in touch. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) have been close friends since the show stopped filming. According to Insider, Cranston used to joke with Paul that he was getting a kick out of the show, convincing him that with each new screenplay, his character was going to be killed. . The two were even in partnership to create their own mezcal brand.

Although the team did not jump on the band reboot in 2020, it seems that the stars of the show still have a close connection. The team reunited in 2018, 10 years after filming began, to discuss their favorite scenes and events.

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