‘The Brady Bunch’s ‘Alice’ Actor Ann B. Davis Said ‘I’m Not Good With Kids’

The crew of 'The Brady Bunch'
The crew of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

The woman who drew a picture of Alice the housewife Am Brady Bunch not good for kids?

It’s hard to believe but that’s what classic television comedy co-star Ann B. Davis revealed in an interview with the American Television Archive in 2004.

This is why she felt that way.

How Ann B. Davis finished ‘The Brady Bunch’

Ann B. Davis
Ann B. Davis | CBS through Getty Images

In her interview, Davis shared how he landed Am Brady Bunch.

“Well, in 1969, I had been doing nightclub work, which I was not happy about. But I was doing it because I had to eat, ”she said. “The act included,” Davis said, of “a few songs, some jokes written by a friend of mine. That’s what I was doing at the time. ”

Davis said that when he was throwing for Am Brady Bunch started, her name “came up. [Show creator Sherwood Schwartz] he said it felt like he was looking out for me! He flew me down from Seattle, I met him, I talked to him. The next day, arrangements were made and Sherwood Schwartz bought my last 2 weeks at the nightclub. So that’s how I started Am Brady Bunch. ”

The children’s actors were chosen for a purpose

'About Brady Bunch'
‘About Brady Bunch’ Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

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Producer and creator of the Sherwood Schwartz show in his 2010 book Brady, Brady, Brady: The Complete Story of The Brady Bunch, he explained how he began selecting each child for the now symbolic program.

Part of his strategy was to interview every child in his office with a desk in between full of colorful, attractive toys.

“I wanted to see if they were removed from our debate,” Schwartz wrote in his memoir. “If children lose interest in our debate, they could lose interest in overtaking. I wanted kids who could stay focused. … As well as being good actors, none of the Brady kids you’ve been watching all those years played with anything on the board. ”

Davis said she was not good with children

Davis, who died in 2014, described her lack of relationships with children in general. It’s hard to believe, coming from the actor who for five seasons worked indoors and a day outdoors with six lively and bright children’s actors.

“I’m not good with children,” she said. “They soon found out that if they had any questions, they would go to Florence [Henderson who played Carol Brady]. No Lloyd [Schwartz, the show’s producer], in fact, they were very close to Lloyd.

Cast of 'The Brady Bunch'
‘The Brady Bunch’ was cast Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

When asked why she felt her skill with children was so lacking that her youngest co-stars didn’t know how to bother asking for advice or help, Davis thought it was the fact that she never had children of her own was to blame.

“I have no opinion,” she said. “I was the youngest in the family and I’ve never run around with many children. My twin sister got better because she had that [kids]. I accept that if I had some, I would have gotten well on their own. But I never got to that point.

“But the children, I enjoyed them, but I had to treat them as adults because I didn’t know how to deal with them as children. The children value it from time to time. ”

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