‘The Brady Bunch’s ‘Alice’ Actor Ann B. Davis Recalled a Humiliating Incident Involving Star Robert Reed

The crew of 'The Brady Bunch'
The crew of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

Am Brady Bunch remains one of the most beloved and enduring comedies on television. The classic show now followed the life of Brady’s mixed family – a beautiful woman with three very loving daughters and a man named Brady with three boys of his own – learning to get together as one family.

Actress Ann B. Davis watched long-suffering housewife Alice on the set.

In an explicit interview with the American Television Archive, she shared the difficulty her co-star Robert Reed had in getting ahead and the incident that no one forgot.

How Ann B. Davis was cast on ‘The Brady Bunch’

Ann B. Davis
Ann B. Davis | CBS through Getty Images

In her 2004 interview with the American Television Archive, Davis shared how he landed Am Brady Bunch.

“Well, in 1969, I had been doing nightclub work, which I was not happy about. But I was doing it because I had to eat, ”she said. “The act included,” Davis said, of “a few songs, some jokes written by a friend of mine. That’s what I was doing at the time. ”

Davis said that when he was throwing for Am Brady Bunch started, her name “came up. [Show creator Sherwood Schwartz] he said, it felt like he was looking out for me! He flew me down from Seattle, I met him, I talked to him. The next day, arrangements were made and Sherwood Schwartz bought my last 2 weeks at the nightclub. So that’s how I started Am Brady Bunch. ”

It wasn’t long before the team and crew learned that Robert Reed loved to be right

The creator of the Schwartz show before it began Am Brady Bunch created and worked on Gilligan Island. According to Schwartz, Robert Reed, the actor who featured family supporter Mike Brady, was looking down on the comedy about castaways, according to Schwartz.

In fact, Schwartz wrote in his 2010 book Brady, Brady, Brady: A Complete Story of the Brady Bunch the star had no respect for Schwartz’s previous show, or the one he had agreed to put forward.

The children from The Brady Bunch crew, 1970
The children from The Brady Bunch team, 1970 | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

“From the very beginning of the film, Bob Reed was very disappointed with the series,” wrote Schwartz. “He opposed almost everything.”

Schwartz knew that Reed had hoped to become a capable actor in the film industry and was deeply disappointed that he had to “settle” for a position on sitcom.

“I’m sure he regretted it because I represented his failed career,” said Schwartz. “Bob saved the anger and remorse for me and my son, Lloyd, who was a producer in the series. We both shared Bob ‘s anger and humiliation as we worked with him. ”

An embarrassing incident

Davis explained a minute of the show’s set on a program where his character Mike Brady took on “mama” duties while his wife Carol Brady did the things for his father around the house. In that scene Mike was cooking eggs, accidentally dropping a man on the floor, and sliding to the floor.

Actress Alice explained that Reed would often turn to his trusted encyclopaedias to prove facts in scripts. This situation was no different.

“I remember once, the plot was changing careers,” she said. “Carol was going to play ball with the boys. And Mike was going to stay indoors and cook with the girls. The plot called for an egg to fall to the floor, slip on the egg, and fall down. Well, you’d think he was asked to cut his own throat. ”

Davis described Reed ‘s complaints: “’ Oh, that ‘s unbelievable, that would never happen,…“ So anyone in the lead said,’ Bob, just try it. ‘

“Well, as it happened, he laid the egg, he stepped in, and it fell, without any stimulation.”

The actress who portrayed Alice for the five seasons of the show, laughed when he remembered Reed being humble and his ability to laugh at himself. He told me, ‘On the way down, I thought, I deserved this. ‘”

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