‘The Brady Bunch’ Alice Actor Ann B. Davis Called Robert Reed ‘A Very Sad Man’

The crew of 'The Brady Bunch'
The crew of ‘The Brady Bunch’ Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Walt Disney Photo Archives / Television via Getty Images

Still seen worldwide over 50 years after his debut television show, Am Brady BunchA team of children, three adults, and one dog captured the hearts of America years ago, and it still exists today.

Robert Reed, according to his co-star Ann B. Davis aka Alice, the housewife for viewers, revealed that Reed was not as fascinated by the series as the fans.

She opened up to the American Television Archive about Reed’s fundamental issues with the show and the sadness that affected his personality.

Robert Reed had been hoping for a different career path

Cast of 'The Brady Bunch'
‘The Brady Bunch’ was cast Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Reed considered himself a bad actor. Before retiring as Mike Brady Am Brady Bunch, he appeared in television series including courtroom drama The defenders; Love, American Style; and Dr. Kildare.

Set comedy is the last thing Reed wanted to work on. Once signed, Reed did not hide the disrespect for Schwartz’s representatives and his son, Lloyd.

“From the very beginning of the film, Bob Reed was very disappointed with the series,” the show’s creator Sherwood Schwartz wrote in the 2010 book Brady, Brady, Brady: A Complete Story of the Brady Bunch. “He opposed almost everything.”

He was a ‘sad man’

Davis, in her 2004 conversation with the American Academy of Television, described the level of sadness she saw in Reed while working with him on the series about a mixed family.

“Robert was a very sad man,” she said. “I knew he was a good actor. He had received classical training. He had done classic things. And he was not happy. Of the demonstrations that Paramount made, the pilots that they did, Am Brady Bunch it was the last one he wanted to do.

“He was a very good actor and he did very well. But he was never happy with it and that went down on the set.

Despite his frustration, Reed helped create a timeless series

As Kimberly Potts, author The way we all came to be Brady’s box: How the sitcom came off as an icon of pop culture that we’re still talking about today told The New York Post in 2019 of Reed’s black feelings for hatred for the show and the adventure for the children’s actors.

“He really took on the role of a TV father,” Potts said. “He took the famous children on a trip to England because he wanted to take them into culture and Shakespeare. He also gave them Super 8 cameras for Christmas. He wanted to help them as his father would. “

Show star Susan Olsen played by younger daughter Brady Cindy reaffirmed that sentiment, telling ABC News in 2006, “Bob is still a great example of how an adult should be with children,” she said. “It was his unconditional love for his father of ours that we have always been aware of. ”

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