‘The Boys’ Season 3: What NOT to Expect With Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy

With Stormfront out of the way The Boys, season 3 is shaping up to introduce at least one new Supe.

Jensen Ackles and Amazon shared the news of Soldier Boy back in August, bringing fans of it Supernatural and The Boys something to be excited about. According to the character’s history in the comic book series, viewers may be in a wild ride, but presenter Eric Kripke seems to be turning things around in an unexpected direction for the show.

Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles at CW Network Upfront, 2019 | God Dipasupil / Getty Images

Jensen Ackles may have revealed the Soldier Boy flashback

Looking for Ackles’ Instagram publication shows that he has a case of The Boys Book 9: The Great Journey. In this special comic, Soldier Boy is introduced along with six other Supes who were around during World War II.

He did not make the most hasty decisions in the field and risked his life by authorizing his own reconnaissance mission against the Germans. Not only were the soldiers killed, but Soldier Boy and his Supe crew also died.

But readers learned that someone named Neuman (wink) from Vought was partly involved in the presence of superhumans there. Kripke ‘s version of Solider Boy will be a little different, but it has been said to be an original Supe from the time of World War II.

Other versions of Soldier Boy appeared in later magazines, and the newer version was inspiring for Homelander and to join the Seven. And things did not go well between him and Butcher.

Eric Kripke eating on Soldier Boy in season 3 ‘The Boys’

One thing Kripke confirms is that story arcs are not expected from the comics. He said TV Guide that Soldier Boy knew Liberty (modern – day Stormfront) and has been with Vought since the early days, but we’ll learn more.

“He was like John Wayne there, and as a result, we’re writing the history of Vought and how all the characters weave together. And yes, now Liberty is definitely part of that, ”he said.

Kripke described the character when he talked about Ackles’ role Variety, says fans could be disappointed if they think Soldier Boy will share Starlight ‘s position.

“I think anyone who intends to show Jensen and be a good man will be disappointed. I will say that! In the comics it’s usually just kind of a hindrance and an understatement to Homelander, I’d say. ”

He said Solider Boy was “Homelander before Homelander, so it’s from a different era, but its ego and goal – it just comes across in a different way than it is from a different time. ”

What about that Soldier Boy graphic scene?

As far as the sexual situation between Soldier Boy and Homelander is concerned, Kripke told fans during his Q&A on Twitter that it is not going to happen in the show. However, there will be a minute comic book “Herogasm” that is sure to be full of sadness. Expect other new supes to join the party.

Filming for season 3 begins in 2021 and the debate program explores the first group of Supes featuring Soldier Boy and Liberty. Fans can’t wait to see how Ackles ’character measures up against Homelander and The Boys.

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