‘The Boys’ Season 2 Quietly Proved It’s Superior to Marvel’s MC and DC’s DCEU

The LGBTQ community has taken a number of steps in the last few years. Hollywood is slowly but surely starting to recognize the group with many movies embracing the cast of gay characters. While there is such a new norm within film corridors, some studio operators still have a long way to go.

An excellent issue in point is the competitive DC and Marvel Cinematic Universe universe. While both worlds are notorious for being progressive, they have not yet embraced the LGBTQ community in their films. They have even caught fire in the last few years for cutting short scenes always involving members of the proud community.

However, one series has just proven that it can go the extra mile in overtaking the two worlds mentioned above when it comes to progress. The Boys they recently announced the show’s update, and fans can only help but notice one major difference in the previous season from MCU and DC.

‘The Boys’ is also a superhero show

The Boys
Dominique McElligott and Anthony Starr Jan Thijs / Amazon

The Boys is a show based on a group of vigilantes who try to bring down the world famous superheroes. While many superheroes are good, the Supes are among the most corrupt.

At their head is a multi-million pound conglomerate called Vought International, who is in charge of selling their image to the public. The boys take it upon themselves to show the world how evil their precious superheroes are.

The vigilante group was founded by Billy Butcher, who has a personal vendetta against Supland director Homelander. A butcher believes Homelander is responsible for the death of his wife in the first season. Butcher found out that Homelander raped his wife, which forced her to take her own life as a result of the trauma that followed after what happened.

Since then, he has taken it upon himself to make sure the leader of the Supes pays. On the path to seeking justice, he encounters more people who will also protest against the Supes.

Season 2 answered all the cliffs

Quarter 1 of The Boys it ended with a large display featuring fans on the edge of their seats. The first season ended with Butcher realizing that his wife was not dead. After Butcher finds Homelander using his mistress, Madelyn Stillwell, Homelander puts out his eyes to prevent him from spilling the group’s secrecy.

Seeing nothing more he can get from Madelyn, Butcher decides to blow up the flat, hoping he and Homelander meet death. However, in an exciting turn of events, Homelander saves Butcher’s life and takes him to a farm in the countryside.

While there, Homelander tells the Butcher that his wife has been alive all along and that she has been secretly raising a son. To the Butcher’s insult, it turns out that Becca’s wife’s son is a Homelander, and he has great powers.

In season 2, fans will see Butcher deal with his wife ‘s son and the news that Homelander and Becca may have had a consensual sex interaction.

Season 2 of ‘The Boys’ has won a big win as well as its amazing story

The flaws of all the superheroes are on display, and they must be hidden to maintain a special character in order to preserve their image.

One such character is Queen Maeve, who had to hide her gender for fear of what Homelander might do if he ever found out, including an injury. a companion Elena. Fans remember that Homelander and Maeve returned some time ago, and the last of them feared the plunder of their predecessors.

When season two begins, Homelander discovers that Maeve is bisexual, and instead of hurting Elena, he decides to put out the hope that she would suffer with humility. Vought International uses this favorite news, and they pair Maeve along with another female bisexual hero.

The show even went on to name the Lettuce Guacamole Bacon and Tomato sandwich in homage to the LGBTQ community. The Boys Marvel and DC indirectly took a jibe with their so-called in-show presentation Dawn of the Seven, where they showed a scene of a kiss cut between two members of the strange community.

By making a picture of an LGBTQ superhero, The Boys has surpassed Marvel and DC. The progressive portrayal of Queen Maeve’s sexuality and Homelander’s broken privacy reveals just everything Marvel and DC lack in their films.

The Boys there is season 3 ready to arrive in 2022.

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