‘The Boys’: Inside the Actors’ Expectations for Butcher in Season 3

The second season of The Boys fans back to the twist embrace the superhero genre. The humorous and grim, morally corrupt story moves further into the superpowers at the mercy of a power-hungry corporal who is fighting for government influence. And, the end of the season seems to have generated more questions than the second time Amazon answered.

The butcher is obviously heartbroken, as the actor behind the character, Karl Urban explains to Entertainment Weekly. Urban describes a Butcher as being in a “spoiled place” and unknowingly taking that place. However, with the Butcher ‘s tour so far, he seems destined to turn grief into a shipwreck, as Laz Alonso argues.

Jack Quaid is stressing the Butcher

Laz Alonso isn’t the only one to comment on Butcher’s situation, as the character’s journey with Homelander seems to have just begun. And, with Rebecca gone, it looks like everything will be different. Jack Quaid, who plays Hugh in the series, shares:

It’s going to change everything because that, for Butcher, that’s the whole motivation of the past.

Jack Quaid / EW

With Butcher’s main motivation for fighting the supes that are no longer in the picture, what is the fate of the main character? Will he leave the supe-fight behind? Will Butcher turn into an angry man on a rampage, seeking revenge against everyone who has ever gone on trails with Vought? Or will the leader become a barrier to the team rather than an asset? Season 3 will (hopefully) continue Butcher’s state of mind and emotion, answering the questions that are now in the minds of viewers.

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