‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Hope and Finn Could Get Cozy Soon

A big bunch of stories for many soap operas include deception, betrayal, and tragic death. The Heavy and Beautiful particularly famous for spinning such controversies to keep the story going. The show has been successful for decades by bringing viewers different triangles of love.

Among the most infamous love triangles on display are Steffy, Liam, and Hope. Liam could never choose between the two women, and his uncertainty has cost him a lot. Although Hope never got the short end of the stick when it comes to her relationship with Liam, it looks like things could be turning for the better as she and Steffy Finn seem to be becoming awful near recent times.

Liam and Hope have always had a complicated relationship

When Liam and Hope met, Hope was still seeing Oliver. However, she stopped things with Oliver after discovering that he had slept with her mother. The love affair between Hope and Liam continued to flourish as Oliver struggled to get her back, even escalating into a relationship with Amber Moore despite hope.

After Amber sleeps with Liam and falls pregnant, she handles Liam to get a relationship with her. After the baby is born, it is revealed that the baby is not Liam, leading to the reunion of Hope and Liam.

Steffy then begins to manipulate Liam, thus causing stress in his relationship with Hope. Steffy is obviously jealous of how Liam feels for Hope and tries to make him feel the same way to her. After Steffy manipulates Liam to kiss him, Hope cancels out the promise.

Worried Liam uses the same ring that Hope took off to compliment him on a happy Steffy. Steffy and Liam travel to Aspen and get married there. After meeting Thomas Forrester at Steffy’s house, he shakes Hope away to Mexico, where they bump into Liam and Steffy.

Liam and Hope reconnect their love for each other. He leaves Steffy after discovering that she has slept with Bill. Liam praises Hope again, and she accepts.

Finn and Steffy met in the ER after her motorcycle accident

When Steffy was involved in an accident, she was taken to hospital. As she was getting past the ER, Dr. Finnegan saw to it that she had received the best care. Steffy and Finn ended up developing intense feelings for each other in the process.

After her release, Finn made regular house calls to see what Steffy was doing, a move that bothered Liam. Liam started looking up at Steffy’s house more often intending to look at her.

Liam became suspicious of Fionn and suspected that Finn had sinister reasons. Although Finn proved that Steffy ‘s best interest was in his heart, Liam and the fans were both still skeptical of the doctor’ s reasons.

Hope and Finn have recently started making a connection, and are quick to think that they could soon join.

After Steffy ‘s motorcycle accident, she and Liam apparently found their way back together. Liam even spent a night paying attention to her. The two become comfortable with each other, and Liam convinces Steffy that he meant what he said about appreciating her. Liam wants to come clean to Hope to get back to Steffy, but he doesn’t think it’s right to put hope in such a situation again. At the hospital, Thomas’ unrest continues to escalate throughout the day.

He kisses a mannequin thinking it was Hope. He also states that he loves her, and it is clear that Thomas’ health is declining, and he is taken to the hospital to be seen. Hope meets Finn at the hospital and mentions that Thomas kissed a mannequin without error. Finn is hopeful that Thomas is not lying but urges Hope not to judge Thomas harshly because he was not himself.

Finn is shocked, and Hope says he should know about the incident as he is Thomas’ doctor. During this time, Hope learns that Steffy and Liam have paid again and are devastated. Since Liam and Steffy came back together, Hope seems to be going up to Finn because they share the same pain of cheating with their lovers, and it is not uncommon for such a love square to appear.

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