‘The Bold and the Beautiful’: Finn’s About to Cross Over to the Dark Side

Heavy and Beautiful, the CBS soap opera, features romantic entrances, lovey-dovey entrances, and raspberries. The 1987 drama series remains intriguing to fans with its big stories, comic characters and growing drama.

The only character who has been the center of attention during recent times is Dr. Finn (Tanner Novlan). Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has a loving interest in the hot and sassy doctor. While the nice-looking doctor seems calm with a clean personality, he looks like he’s about to cross over to the dark side.

Tanner Novlan mar Dr.  John 'Finn' Finnegan in front of a dim background
Tanner Novlan mar Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan | Sonja Flemming / CBS through Getty Images

Finn is a one-size-fits-all character

Finn was introduced Heavy and Beautiful to end the unnecessary romantic triangles – or so fans hoped. His character had to reveal a dark mystery, which fans still expect.

Despite showing his backbone several times, Finn is still a boy who remains insensitive. His character is relatively dull, which suggests he may have darker motives.

First, Liam (Steffy’s ex-girlfriend) questioned the reasons for the pleasant doctor. Liam doesn’t think Fionn cares about Steffy’s feelings. For him, the doctor takes advantage of Steffy, who is a patient, for his interests. But Fionn is protective and says he loves her dearly; although the chemistry between the two is clear, fans are still questioning its reasons.

Finn may soon reveal a darker side

Seeing the calm and charming doctor display a volcano of angry feelings on the silly display. Finn is not easily encouraged, and his kindness is almost unbelievable. The attractive doctor reveals an offer to Steffy, and it is impossible to see both.

However, Steffy and Liam were romantically involved and decided to hide their relationship from Finn and Hope. During the one-night steam affair, Steffy and Liam betrayed their partners, and eternity could cost them their friendship.

When Finn discovers the relationship, he is more likely to get caught up in ugly feelings of anger and anger. It is very likely that he will be against Liam, as Liam had tied his nose to Finn and Steffy ‘s relationship from the beginning, and will be responsible for turning events around. Fans can’t expect the doctor with accumulated emotions to turn into someone with a disease and possibly suicide.

What could happen if Finn gets involved with Hope?

Hope saw Finn as a unique game from the first time they met. Her first suggestion was for the sex doctor, and Finn may not have noticed. There is a connection between the two characters, and Finn who is involved in Finn reveals some spark that could come to fruition. Because their other important people were in a one-night stand, the two are alike.

Liam wanted to pour out details of their relationship to Hope, but Steffy asked him to protect their privacy. However, he feels too guilty, and may reappear soon. After the declaration of the relationship, Hope and Finn find themselves in the same legacy and may quarrel with each other. The outcome of that situation is almost predictable.

Finn and Hope seem to seek solace in each other after the betrayal of their partners – after all, that’s how soap goes. Typically, the two are kind people who have suffered impatient partners. While we can’t predict how Finn will react to the love affair, Hope won’t forgive Liam for what he has done and eternity.

After Hope breaks up with Liam, Thomas may try to convince Hope for a rematch. However, because of their history, Hope and Thomas may not have had the opportunity to rekindle their love of the show. According to the recent turn of events Heavy and Beautiful, Finn is a good match for Hope. The rebound relationship will be epic – and the love square will bring some much-needed drama – and the two are excellent people who can create a mature and passionate relationship.

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