‘The Biggest Loser’ Once Produced More Successful Relationships Than ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise

Am Bachelor Season 25 just started broadcasting on ABC, a successful new start Bachelorette Season 2020. Both Bachelorette season 16 leaders have come to an end, and they seem to be in love. But, Am Bachelor franchise does not have the most successful history when it comes to lasting relationships. At one time, even The Biggest Man gave couples more successful than Am Bachelor no Bachelorette.

Bachelor contestants have a worse history of romance than other reality shows

Peter Weber and Madison Prewett on The Bachelor "Season Finale Part 2"
Peter Weber and Madison Prewett forward Am Bachelor “Finale Season Part 2” | John Fleenor tro Getty Images

However, a 2013 article from Post Huffington The success rate confirmed the biggest loser when it came to making matches.

After 13 seasons, the popular “weight loss” series had been more successful in connecting couples in the love department than both “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” combined. At the time, the 23 standard seasons of the franchise had only two marriages: Rehn and Sutter, and Malaney and Mesnick.

The revelation counted a total of five couples who had met The Biggest Man – an exhibition not made specifically for romance.

Compete ‘The Biggest Loser’ who fell in love through the seasons

Season 2 contestants Matt Hoover and Suzy Preston were the first major couple to lose their marriage. Amy Hildreth and Marty Wolff then met, in season 3, and were involved in the reunion show. Antoine Dove and Alexandra White met him The Biggest Man Season 8, and they found love, followed by Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson quickly in season 9.

Eventually, Season 12 contestants Ramon Medeiros and Jessica Limpert “started going back while they were on display and in November 2011,” the Huffington Post reported.

Huff Po attributed the show’s many romantic successes to the contestants “sharing common interests – such as healthy eating and regular exercise,” which may be a key factor in finding lasting love. ”Not to mention, the odds are much better on a show like The Biggest Man. Forward Am Bachelor, somewhere between 20-30 women compete for the attention of one director – compared to other reality shows, where gender segregation is usually fairer.

The biggest Loser competitors
The Biggest Man contestants Coleen Skeabeck and Jerry Skeabeck | Patton Beach Photo Bank / NBCU

Then there is west Bachelorette led by JoJo Fletcher, who appears to be happy as a buzzard with her boyfriend Jordan Rogers, as well as Rachel Lindsay, who recently married her Bachelorette pick, Brian Abasolo.

Although it may be too early to call it recent Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley, both season 16 couples are success stories so far.

With all of these Old boy spinoffs franchise, it is difficult to accurately compare the current charts with these other displays. Not to mention, we’re not sure where the biggest losers are standing

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