‘The Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Reveals Why He Put off Coming Out To His Mother

Jim Parsons came out in public in 2012. In a New York Times article on its performance in The Normal Heart, Parsons mentioned that he was associated with the material because he is gay. The Big Bang theory a star had been out in private by then, but even his private came out in stages.

Jim Parsons and Judy Parsons
Jim Parsons with his mother, Judy Parsons Michael Tran / FilmMagic

Parsons was a guest on the HFPA conversation podcast on September 23 to his Netflix movie adaptation of The boys in the band. He talked about himself coming out to his family, and why he stopped telling his mother for a while.

Before ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Jim Parsons had his own acting community

The Big Bang theory this was not Parsons’ first work, and he was out with his theater friends. For a time, he felt a lot of support from those who told him.

“I was able to put it off because it was partly the age I was growing up in, the years in which I couldn’t have cared less,” Parsons said. “I haven’t consciously seen the hole in my life without my family being inside my sex. All my friends knew, any herdsmen, any employers knew. I never hid it in my daily life. ”

Jim Parsons met someone before ‘The Big Bang Theory’ who changed things

Parsons met Todd Spiewak in 2002, also before The Big Bang theory there was even an idea in Chuck Lorre’s head. They are now married, but once their relationship deteriorated, Parsons wanted to share Spiewak with his family.

Jim Parsons with Todd Spiewak and his mother
LR: Brian Hutchinson, Todd Spiewak, Judy Parsons and Jim Parsons David Crotty / Patrick McMullan through Getty Images

Parsons was sympathetic to his mother. Her background sparked negative comments about the LGBTQ community, so her son was her first real sight.

No matter what she did or did not suspect my own sexuality going on, just to hear me say and the worries and fears I am sure that raised for her … Watch , she was 20-years-old when a play as Boys in the Band came out, and at the south. She was steeped in the negative attitudes, the hard, horrible life that could mean advocating for homosexuality. I think that was very sad for her to hear officially that her own child was going to sue. What she didn’t know, as I hadn’t shared with her, was that I was already living my very successful life. I had found love. That was the reason I was coming to her [but] it didn’t immediately look like rainbows and lollipops. It was a little changing.

Jim Parsons, The HFPA in conversation podcast, 9/23/2020

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