‘The Big Bang Theory’: An Improvised Moment Drastically Changed 1 of the Show’s Main Characters

Kevin Sussman played comic bookstore owner Stuart Bloom on 11 seasons of The Big Bang theory. Fans may remember the character as a desperate loner who had no luck with women. But Stuart didn’t start out like that. According to Sussman, this was one of the pivotal moments that led to Stuart and he got his job as a regular regular.

Cast of 'The Big Bang Theory'
Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Monty Brinton / CBS through Getty Images

Kevin Sussman joined ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in Season 2

In 2009, Sussman joined a team The Big Bang theory thrown by a small recycling player like Stuart. He was frequently introduced as the owner of comic bookstores by Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Howard (Simon Helberg), Sheldon (Jim Parsons), and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). He is represented as a confident, successful artist, who manages a date or two with Penny.

First, Stuart doesn’t know that Leonard is pushing Penny. But he finds out when Leonard gives him bad advice about it. Stuart stops chasing Penny after she names Leonard when he kisses him.

Kevin Sussman, Kunal Nayyar, and Jim Parsons in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Kevin Sussman, Kunal Nayyar, and Jim Parsons in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Robert Voets / CBS through Getty Images

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He worked at a comic book store as his character

Sussman, who had previously worked Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre, was first thanked for the role of Barry Kripke. But due to registration conflicts, the part was given to John Ross Bowie. When you talk to The World of Tulsa, Sussman noted that he only expected to be on one program when he joined the show as Stuart.

“I didn’t realize at the time that it was going to be more than one show,” said the actor. “I thought it would be just some kind of one-guest star, and then it turned into a whole career.”

Sussman also revealed, like Stuart, that he also worked at a comic book store. “It wasn’t because I was really into comic books,” he admitted. “I was in acting school at the time, and I couldn’t get a catering job because I was a spaz and a friend basically helped me get this job at a comic bookstore. ”

Kunal Nayyar and Kevin Sussman in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Kunal Nayyar and Kevin Sussman in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Cliff Lipson / CBS through Getty Images

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Kevin Sussman did a look at ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which changed Stuart’s path

Speaking to Tulsa World, Sussman recalled a scene from The Big Bang theory that completely changed Stuart’s story. In season 3, episode 7, “The Guitarist Amplification,” Penny and Leonard go to the comic book store to find Sheldon.

Stuart, who still has feelings for Penny, whistles quietly, “I love you,” as she walks away from him. Sussman revealed that the line “I love you” was not in the script. And when he made it up, the writers loved the way it worked.

Cast of 'The Big Bang Theory' (2)
Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ | Neil Jacobs / CBS through Getty Images

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“Usually, there is very little ad-lib or improv on that show,” Sussman explained. “But the writers laughed a lot. And after that moment, they started to take me back, and I noticed that they started to get Stuart’s character as a regress. ”

Stuart’s crisis at the time was quite different from his successful, confident idea in season 2. And Sussman believes that the improvisation helped this new, uncertain version of the character, notes, “This was the first time, in fact, that Stuart went from being just a normal boy to being hopeless. ”

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