‘The Bachelorette’: Zac Clark Reveals the Moment He Knew Tayshia Adams Was Into Him

While on Season 16 of Am Bachelorette, Zac Clark opened up to Tayshia Adams about the nostalgia. Since Clark was often seen taking part in toasts, fans suspected Clark had broken his harassment of the show.

As he appears on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast with his girlfriend Adams, Clark proved he was still solemn through filming it Am Bachelorette and he appeared when he knew Adams was falling for him.

Tayshia Adams Zac Clark
Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark Craig Sjodin through Getty Images

Zac Clark drank apple rye while on ‘The Bachelorette’

Adams usually hosts Click Bait with Bachelor Nation with Joe Amabile, and on December 31, Amabile and Natasha Parker interviewed Adams and Clark together. During the interview, Parker brought up fans questioning Clark’s sobriety.

“I’m so glad we’re talking about this. It’s wild to see the attention this gets, ”said Adams.

“Apple rye for winning! ”Clark said. “No, there was no drink on display. I solemnly mean drugs, no alcohol, nothing from August 2011… And I have to say, you know, everyone who worked on the show, whenever there was toast, there was someone with apple rye shining… ”

“Or even ginger beer at times,” Adams said.

“This is literally so nice,” a Reddit write user. “Of course, Zac is very much around people who drink, but this move seems to have meant so much to him and I think it shows how Tayshia is quietly consolidating and supporting it. ”

“This is a small movement that says so much. It is so important for her to make a conscious decision and action to work in close relationship with him and to show her support for his sobriety. It certainly shows that she is kind and compassionate. They really are like two people who are committed to meeting each other ‘s needs in a fair, equitable way. I really like them, ”wrote a fan on Reddit.

One Reddit user wrote, “Tayshia being so supportive of him right away is really heartwarming and going well for them in the long run, imo. Also love that she is so upset people were even questioning if he was drinking during the show. They are good together. ”

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